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Hunter S. Thompson - Lecture at Boulder University

O twórczości i życiu Huntera S. Thompsona pisałem już we wcześniejszym poście. Teraz - o ile ktoś w miarę dobrze zna język angielski - możliwe jest zapoznanie się z cyklem "wykładów" Thompsona na Uniwersytecie Boulder. Porusza on jak zwykle różne "odjechane" tematy charakterystyczne dla jego zainteresowań - świat środków halucynogennych, kontaktów z przeróżnymi dziwakami i popaprańcami. Polecam.

Have you seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? Did you find the character played by Johnny Depp interesting? Probably. This is him: Hunter S Thompson. And after you´ve listened to this, you are convinced that Depp played his character perfect. This is real groovy to listen to, not that much to dance to, but you will get many laughs, and maybe you will understand the meaning of life better afterwards.

1. Some local nazi [02:21]
2. The great american dream [03:02]
3. Keeping Jesus in reserve [01:27]
4. Things in common with Nixon [01:30]
5. Our Vietnam fixation [03:14]
6. Brain damaged geek [03:07]
7. Waiting for trudeau [03:25]
8. A balance of terror [02:25]
9. The trilatteral commission and sand niggers [05:58]
10. Setting hamilton jordan on fire [02:25]
11. Jesus freakdom [01:55]
12. Feelings on disco and herpes [01:23]
13. Rollingstone magazine and jann wenner [04:25]
14. Thoughts on acid and dairy cows [05:22]
15. Canada and the other trudeau [02:37]
16. Really ugly bastards [01:02]
17. Run real fast and never sleep much [04:20]
18. Meeting steadmann [02:32]
19. What do i mean by gonzo [01:50]
20. A potential menace [02:37]
21. The great american slide [02:45]
22. Richard milhouse Nixon [03:02]
23. The mind of a 40 year old accountant [03:08]
24. They like me [02:12]
25. Three wishes [02:08]
26. Still broke and not quite sane [02:26]
27. The Grateful Dead and the neutron bomb [02:53]
28. Can't go back to vegas [00:49]
29. The pending release of the great shark hunt [01:25]
30. Exit stage left [01:21]

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