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Captain Beefheart - Dichotomy

Rare demos and outtakes. The material is great (although hardly a treasure-trove of "lost" complete studio recordings), but the compilers of this slipshod cash-in have thoughtfully decided not to get rid of any of the tape hiss. Some of this sounds like it was recorded in a chip-shop on friday night. If you are a mad Beefheart fan, you need this.
  1. I Was a Teenage Malt Shop (1963)
  2. Blues Jam (1966)
  3. Tupelo Mississippi (1966)
  4. Mood Liz (1968)
  5. Neon Meate Dream of a Octafish
  6. Ella Guru (1969)
  7. Winnebago Sioux Indian/Pachuco Cadaver (1969)
  8. Frownland (1969)
  9. Comment/Key to the Highway (1971/1972)
  10. Deputy's Horse [Instrumental] (1971/1972)
  11. Sun Zoom Spark (1971/1972)
  12. Seam Crooked Sam (1976)
  13. This Is Captain Beefheart/Love Lies (1978)
This archive contains a compilation.

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