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The Spoils Of War (1969)

Kolejna perełka psychedelii - The Spoils Of War. Niestety niewiele jest wiadomo na temat tej grupy, ale wyczarowała jeden z najbardziej znakomitych albumów. Brzmieniowo jest to grupa pokrewna innym grupom psychedelicznym wykorzystującym intrumenty elektroniczne jak The United States Of America, Fifty Foot Hose czy White Noise. No i ta niesamowita okładka przypominająca nieco "Wojnę światów"....

Little is known about this late-'60s psychedelic group, except that they were dominated by James Cuomo, who wrote all of the material in addition to producing it. From Urbana, IL, they recorded an album's worth of unreleased tracks in 1969 which finally saw the light of day as a very limited edition German LP in 1998. The record is interesting as an early example of a rock band making heavy use of experimental electronics. These augment, and occasionally overwhelm, Cuomo's rather fragile and spooky songs, which are often real songs, despite the overlays of and detours into effects and noise. It's somewhat in the style of the United States of America or Fifty Foot Hose, although it certainly isn't as excellent and innovative as the U.S.A., nor as conversant with the potential of electronic equipment as Fifty Foot Hose. Worth hearing, though, if you're into that vibe, Cuomo sometimes exhibiting a spacier and folkier sensibility than his counterparts did. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide

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Fifty Foot Hose was mentioned as a similar band. The Hose founder, Cork Marchesci, plays his electronics on a few tracks with Kwisp-

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