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Team Dokus - Tales From The Underground (1969)

Team Dokus to jakiś przedziwny "monster" z końca lat sześćdziesiątych. O samej grupie nic nie wiadomo. Nagrania pochodzą z acetatu i zostały wydane jako kompaktowa reedycja. Grupa (o ile to nie był jakiś "undergroundowy" projekt) stylistycznie nawiązywała do progresywnej psychedelii. Mnie osobiście kojarzy się to z wczesnymi nagraniami Arthura Browna. Warto się zapoznać !

Mysterious and menacing acetate-only album from underground rockers. The members of this band are presently unknown but the reissue (Tenth Planet TP 007 / 1994) is from a 1969 acetate, of which only one copy is known to exist. Essentially a concept album based on the theme of nuclear destruction it relates the tale of World War 3 and life after a nuclear holocaust. The music is lightish progressive rock with the opener, Fifty Million Megaton Sunset, the highlight musically and lyrically. This cut had previously been included on Psychedelic Salvage Co. Vol. 2 (LP & CD) and both Psychedelia, Vol. 3 (LP) and Hen's Teeth, Vol. 3 (CD) include the un-abbreviated version. Side one closes with another gem, the doom-laden, gently flowing and melancholic On The Way Down. Side two opens with Visions, a pretty standard progressive rock offering, but Tomorrow May Not Come, which had previously got an airing on Psychedelic Salvage Co. Vol. 1 (LP & CD), has some good extended instrumental pieces and Big Red Beast featured some promising guitar and vocals, but the other real gem was Feel Your Fire, a very effective blend of vocals, catchy drumming, guitar and keyboards which previews the finale, a reprise of Fifty Million Megaton Sunset. Recommended. (taken from "Tapestry Of Delights")

Faintly Blowing - thanks for inspiration

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Thanks for enjoying the music .... its been 40 years since I even heard this album .... Dokus
P.S. just for the record if you forgive the pun the band members were
Roger (Dokus) Hope - vocals, Fred Fry - Lead Guitar, Stephen Hall - Guitars, Phil Bridle - Keyboards, Terry Lowe - Bass guitar, Roy Stockley - Percussion .... All songs written by Team Dokus

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