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BLO - Chapter One (1972)

Recorded in Nigeria 1972 .. For the first time BLO comes out with the original gatefold sleeve. This band from Nigeria became very famous among collectors worldwide. Perhaps this is the most sought after album from Africa. The 3 members Berkely JonesLaolu Akintobi and Mike Odumosu created the name BLO from B for Berkely L for Laolu and O for Odumosu. 2 members toured with Ginger Baker in 1972 and BLO supported Osibisa on tour in Nigeria. At that time BLO was voted as the best band in Nigeria.

Chapter One walks the line between rock, funk and psychedelia. Perhaps the most obvious reward in listening to this album is the great guitar work featured prominently throughout the length of the album. At times it is straight forward and driving, yet most of the time it has an "out of this world" psychedelic sound to it. On the instrumental track, "Miss Sagitt", it even sounds Arabic towards the latter half of the track. The bass and drums are fantastic also, but most of the “African beat" was reduced to traces because they were in fact completely absorbed into the heavy rock drive. As for the vocals, they are sparse throughout, and the majority of these tracks would be instrumentals were it not for the occasional vocal outburst. The group would change direction after this album after being pressured by their label to make a more funk dominated record.

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