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Aqua Nebula Oscillator - Under The Moon Of (2008)

Taki tam zespolik. Można sobie ewentualnie posłuchać. Płytę przedstawiam z czystego obowiązku - co nowego we współczesnej psychedelii. Przyokazji tej płyty po raz kolejny nie mogę wyjść z podziwu dla krytyków muzycznych, którzy wygłaszają jakieś peany po adresem np. tej grupy, a w gruncie rzeczy chodzi tylko o to by wycisnąć jak najwięcej kasy.


"Shamans of all countries, unite! Aqua Nebula Oscillator is among you..."

"Aqua Nebula Oscillator is not a new band. Well, not really a new band.... There‘s already some kind of story, even of legend around them. A legend that begins in London, at the end of the previous millennium, when David Spher’Os bets on digging up the dark side of psychedelia. But closer to the Seeds than to the Beatles...

Step by step, by haunting the right catacombs, Aqua Nebula Oscillator finally made the right encounters, in particular the 2 following characters. The first is Juan Trip, an atypical musician and video maker, who was the drummer of the band before becoming the producer of the record Under The Moon of... The second being Romain Turzi, who signed the band to his label “Pan European Recording” in 2007 and published their first eponymous album immediately afterwards.

Since, the composition of the band did fluctuate. It took some time to David Spher’Os (fuzz guitar, organ, cithara, vocals) to meet the creatures of darkness that surround him today: Shazzula (vocals and oscillations), latex princess with a poisonous look, Vince Posadzki, tribal rhythms drummer that take the audience into an immediate state of trance, and, at last, Simon, a fuzzy bassist who plays lead permanently, in the great tradition of Lemmy Kilmister during Hawkwind period.

Under The Moon of... is nothing but a confirmation. The promises of the first album (out only six month before) have been kept. More than ever under the influences of MC5, Sun Ra, Hawkwind, and Silver Apples, Aqua Nebula Oscillator got locked up with Juan Trip to produce 50 minuts and 54 seconds of pure punkadelika. A music that recalls Theodore Sturgeon’s Cosmic Rape, the unlikely encounter of an extraterrestrial force and a human intelligence. Under The Moon of... lays the foundations of a sci-fi heavy metal music. A guilty but fascinating mating.

The music is furious, urgent and captured live in some improbable places, which let you think that no need of luxurious and sanitized recording studios when a band a has got that sound... Just listen to these mystical pearls, like Can you see or Beware.

Under The Moon of... is a blatant evidence of the vitality of this psychedelic renewal that no official medium had forecast. A bloody theater filling the concert halls (Aqua Nebula’s battlefield, of course) and that benefits from a (Pan) European audience hungry for ultimate experiments. Constantly oscillating between Hammer’s and Roger Corman’s films, between gothic aesthetic and US garage efficiency, Under The Moon of..., Aqua Nebula Oscillator’s last album is about to take possession of your decks and won’t let you walk away. Though, Bela Lugosi, the most famous of the undeads, had warned you: «Beware! Beware! They Came For Your Children!». In a word, you’re fucked up!" Pierre Mikailoff (HANK)

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