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The Misunderstood - The Lost Acetates (1965-1966)

The Misunderstood may just be the greatest lost band of the 1960s. They had the gifts, the creativity, the chemistry, the ambition, the drive—all the ingredients to make it, plus that extra indefinable 'magic' in their sound, which in its purest moments seemed tuned to a wonderful and strangely magnetic frequency. Torn apart by the Vietnam War draft the band was denied the breakthrough they deserved. Through reissues of tracks like "Children of the Sun" and "I Can Take You to the Sun" their name has become a legend with connoisseurs of sixties garage and psychedelia. The Lost Acetates features 14 mindblowing tracks recorded in Riverside, California and London, England in 1965-66, including the original demo versions of their classics “Children of the Sun,” “My Mind,” “Find The Hidden Door” and “I Unseen.” Lavishly packaged and lovingly remastered, the CD and LP contain some of the most exciting music they ever recorded, from raw, pounding garage blues to electrifying psychedelic rock.

Too little-known in their time to qualify as forgotten, the Misunderstood were, in all but riches and renown, the American Yardbirds: a panzer-garage quintet from Riverside, California, combining electric-blues lust with rave-up dementia and tight, flammable songwriting. After an early-’66 line-up change, the band boasted, in the country-raga invention and greased lightning of steel guitar prodigy Glenn Ross Campbell, its own Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page rolled into one.

The Misunderstood also had heavy patronage: Future BBC DJ John Peel caught the group at a shopping mall gig in San Bernardino, California (where he was a local Top 40 jock), and was instrumental in the group’s June ’66 move to London, where the Misunderstood made their few official singles and slowly fell apart.

These feral demos show why Peel went wild: singer Rick Brown’s deep, scarred bark, like Howlin’ Wolf swallowed whole by Eric Burdon; the searing psychedelic prophecy of Campbell’s pedal steel in the London audition takes of “My Mind” and “Children of the Sun.”

Two weeks after that September ’66 session, Jimi Hendrix arrived in the UK and became all the rage, the immigrant acid king. But the Misunderstood got there first. Hear the proof.---Rolling Stone, Sept. 2004


1. She Got Me (version 2)
2. Don’t Break Me Down
3. Bury My Body
4. Why?
5. Got Love If You Want It
6. She Got Me (version 1)
7. End of Time
8. Thunder ‘n’ Lightnin’
9. I Unseen (version 1)
10. Who’s Been Talkin’?
11. My Mind
12. Find the Hidden Door
13. Children of the Sun
14. I Unseen (version 2)

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