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Tangle Edge - In Search Of A New Dawn (1989)

Tangle Edge is two guys from Norway: Ronald Nygard and Hasse Horrigmoe, yet they add others for the drums and other musical needs. Their nuance and technical prowess is extensive and carries the listener of their music on an ethereal odyssey.

Tangle Edge is a psychaedelic jam group with very tasty pieces - no vocals just excellent music. Driven by various guitars and keyboards, the music is at times very light, and other times quite intense. The songs emotionally move in and out of and between nice, light, flowing structures and quite tasty intense and furious jams. It's rather trippy in the sounds incorporated.

It would be hard to compare them to other groups, but an updated version of some early 70's psych-kraut-jam-rock ala Jane, Uli John Roth, Electric Sun, early Eloy, Golem, and the likes might come somewhat close. If you're into groovy guitar/keyboard jams, then this is a great album. And the drip of the great melt is all across this music. You'll certainly enjoy it in the right mental frame. This is not 60's psych, but rather a later jam psych with the musical "driving worm".

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