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Jeff Simmons - Naked Angels OST (1969)

Jeff Simmons to muzyk z grup Franka Zappy - The Mothers Of Invention, Captaina Beefhearta - The Magic Band, a także później np. udzielającego się w grupie Mu. W roku 1969 zrealizował muzykę do jednego z tysięcy filmów tzw. klasy B - o gangu motocyklowym - "Naked Angels". Trzeba jednak w tym miejscu powiedzieć, że wiele z tych filmów zawierało właśnie bardzo ciekawą ścieżkę filmową - żeby podać przykład pierwszy z brzegu to np. muzyka do filmu "Vampiros Lesbos" czy muzyka grupy Goblin do filmów Dario Argento. Zapraszam do posłuchania.


1. Naked Angels Theme 4:10
2. Ride Into Vegas 1:16
3. Vegas Boogie 3:05
4. Vegas Pickup 4:05
5. Cop Out 1:12
6. First Desert Ride 1:45
7. Rank 2:00
8. Boinin' (Third Ride) 3:32
9. Scots Breath 1:40
10. Rat Grind 2:05
11. Bar Dream 3:36
12. Camper Scene 2:25
13. Toccata for Truck 3:35
14. End Theme 1:12

Original movie poster

This is the first of two Straight label albums by Zappa's multi-talented "sideman", Jeff Simmons. In Seattle 1968 Herb Cohen and Frank Zappa were at the sound check for Jeffs band "Easy Chair" (soon to be released on World in Sound) and were fascinated by Jeffs talent. He was soon signed to Straight records and later Jeff was in the Mothers of Invention at the time of 200 Motels. Both albums, "Naked Angels" and "Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up" were recorded in 1969.

Reflecting strong fuzz guitar, heavy and psychedelicate surf-rock, Naked Angels, the original soundtrack for a Roger Corman cult biker movie, is a sequence of mostly instrumentals that combine the freedom of the end 60s mood and melody perfectly. This LP-reissue comes with the original gatefold coverartwork by John Williams and includes additionally the original French movie-poster. This album is one of the coolest soundtracks made in the end-60s and was carefully re-mastered to sound today as fresh as it was 40 years ago. Never has a musician in psychedelic RocknRoll captured the essence of deep emotion and freedom like the "sideman".

Fuzzy biker soundtrack that's more hardrock than Davie Allan & the Arrows. Stretch-out solos and fried guitar work from session man Randy Steirling. Simmons was originally in Indian Puddin' & Pipe, and although he went on to be in the yuck-o Zappa band, his trashy stompin' jams here are just great.

Movie overview:

Mother, leader of the Angels, a Los Angeles motorcycle gang, is hospitalized after being beaten up by members of the Hotdoggers, a rival Las Vegas gang. Upon his release, he leads the Angels to Las Vegas on a mission of vengeance. After a spree on Fremont Street, they pursue their enemies to their mine hideout. The trip through the desert takes its toll as hunger, thirst, and empty gasoline tanks dampen the group's spirits. Mother's girl friend defies him when he decides to leave behind a disabled motorcycle, and Mother tries but fails to persuade his fellow Angels to rape her as punishment. Leaving him behind, the gang goes on to complete its mission. Mother finds his way back through the desert, rejoining his gang for the final battle.

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Looks great. Shit, I might even see if they have the movie on netflix.
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