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Cro Magnon - Bull? (1997)

Belgijska formacja Cro Magnon tworzy muzykę awangardową, która w dużej mierze opiera się na muzyce klasycznej, rocku, jazzie a nawet odrobinie folku. Ich druga w dorobku płyta ''Bull?'' jest bardziej dynamiczna od swej poprzedniczki, w kunsztowny i świetnie przenikający się sposób tworzy intrygującą mozaikę różnorodnych muzycznych form. Każdy utwór to wyjątkowy temat, opisany bogatym zestawem instrumentów, pełen ekspresji, humoru i awangardowej przestrzeni.

Stefan Coltura - violin
Rudy Mollekens - bass guitar
Koen Van Roy - soprano, alto, baritone saxophones
Rik Verstrepen - violin, keyboard
Geert Waegeman - keyboards, sampling, violin, electric guitar

Cro Magnon define their style as "urban chamber" with folk influences. With faint echoes of early Art Zoyd, Miriodor, Univers Zero and Julverne (a weird, early 80's Belgian band that blended rag time, old jazz tunes and lounge music of the 19th century), their sound draws on classical music and also a bit on jazz, folk, and rock. They are essentially drum less but still rhythmically very powerful. The quintet have two albums to their credit, released in 1992 and 1997 respectively.

"Zapp!", with its revolutionary rhythms, Central/Eastern European flavour, classical bits and unusual harmonies, will certainly take you very, very far into unexplored territories. Call it acoustic, eclectic, atomic or electric, it is at times funny and intense, at other times surprisingly relaxing. "Bull?", their second album, is more dynamic and even more unique. With one foot in the classical world and the other in urban arrhythmia, its compositions are well worked out and played very spontaneously; it also features cello, snare drums, trumpet, French horn and clarinet. As one smart alec put it, it's advisable to listen to these albums 1/3 at a time (for fear of sonic disorientation, no doubt).

If you're already a fan of Art Zoyd, Univers Zero or The Penguin Cafe Orchestra, this band will certainly put a smile on your face. (progarchives)

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