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Stone Bunny - Nothing Left (1970)

Stone Bunny to muzyczna efemeryda. Praktycznie jest to jedno z "wcieleń" zespołu Pentagram, którego charakterystyczną postacią był wokalista Bobby Liebling. Grupa pozostawiła po sobie jedynie EP'kę - w tej wersji uzupełnioną o bonusowy materiał z koncertów (dwa fragmenty - jeden ponad 34 minuty i drugi ponad 11 minut). Smakowity kąsek.

Pentagram first came into existence in 1971 in Woodbridge, VA, when singer Bobby Liebling met guitarist/drummer Geof O'Keefe. In the coming months, the duo played with a variety of local musicians, including guitarist John Jennings, bassist Vincent McAllister, and drummer Steve Martin, but by early 1972, McAllister had switched to guitar, O'Keefe took over on drums, and Greg Mayne joined on bass guitar. This lineup of Liebling, McAllister, Mayne, and O'Keefe would remain intact for the next six years, and though they occasionally performed under different names, including Virgin Death, Stone Bunny, and Macabre (the last of which graced their first single, "Be Forewarned," in 1972), they always inevitably returned to Pentagram.

Stone Bunny only stayed together for a few months because Liebling's harder vocal style wasn't right for Jennings' often melodic material, and they parted ways with the Jennings/Mayne/O'Keefe trio reverting back to the moniker Space Meat before splitting up a brief time later.

This version is including two long bonus tracks.

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