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Greenhouse Effect - Total Sonic Fuzzdom (2004)

Greenhouse Effect to amerykańska grupa grająca tzw. stoner rocka, ale będąca pod wpływem amerykańskich grup psychodelicznych i garażowych z końca lat sześćdziesiątych. Kiedy pierwszy raz tego słuchałem zalatywało mi Monster Magnetem jednak z każdym kolejnym przesłuchaniem przekonywałem się do tej muzyki. Polecam !!!


Formed in 1999, Oakland based rockers Greenhouse Effect take their fuzzed-out big muff sound very seriously. Often labeled as a psychadelic/stoner/metal/doom/sludge/spacerock band.....these guys like the green. Much more reminiscent of the classic blues based heavy bands of the 60s and 70s, Greenhouse Effect is influenced by such bands as...Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, The Doors...as well as recent ground breaking bands like...Kyuss, Soundgarden, and Queens of the Stone Age. After playing their very first show at Lindees in Concord with Growth of Alliance, the band secured the talented Thilo Fehlinger to record the bands first release. "Blast Shield Down" was released in 2001 and has recieved lauditory reviews both locally and overseas. The band has since changed drummers three times without skipping a beat...from Doug Weldy(x-Heavy Silver, Six Liter)to Johann Zamora(x-Totimoshi, x-Anhedonia)to Craig Sitter from the band Dysfunctional Family who has solidified the band immensly. During 2000, 2001 and 2002 Greenhouse Effects mission was to play as many shows as possible and then record the second record. Some highlights from those shows were the Paradise Lounge gigs w/Acid King, Totimoshi, El Buzzard, Canyon Creep, Cold Mourning, Operator Generator, and Gammera. With 2003 on the horizon, Greenhouse Effect plans on hitting the road and putting out the second record in Sept. Join Greenhouse Effect on their journey towards "Total Sonic Fuzzdom".

Guitarist Eric Hagen set the tone with a fine repertoire of chugging, doomy sounds. Whereas a lot of other bands falter by developing a good riff and then repeatedly beating the listener over the head with it until it simply doesn’t sound so interesting any more, Hagen steers clear of that trap and throws several well thought-out musical ideas around over the course of a song. Before one groove gets too long, a change takes you down a different path. The end result gives the band a lot texture and variety, as well as a great opportunity to showcase their creativity and chops.

Rock-solid drummer Danny Stevenson kept the beat barreling along while rhythm guitarist and vocalist Eric Hagen quickly overcame a few equipment troubles and never missed a beat. Hagen also provided some great vocal work as well, as he possesses a strong voice that fits the band’s mold. Greenhouse Effect did their thing with finesse, getting the crowd going and banging their heads to a litany of grungy, dirty riffs and sudden breaks. With minimal chit-chat or pretension, they delivered the goods in spades. A few times they took a sudden detour into feedback and distortion drenched soundscapes, crafting a bizarrely engaging, almost avant-garde sonic effect out of what could easily have been grating noise in the hands of many other bands.

All in all, this is a band to drag yourself off the couch and go see if they come to your neck of the woods. Greenhouse Effect has got the songs and the style to win over fans of heavy rock. (powerslave.com)

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