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The Burnin Rain - Iwasaka & Pictures In The Fire (1991/1992)

The Burnin Rain is the ultimate psychedelic garage band on this planet, because they play a completely unique type of almost brain-dead,drug-soaked sixties garage and acid rock of their own. (Freak Beat Magazine)

It's a dark and foul-smelling rainy night.By the flickering light of the last remaining neon tube of smashed publicity sing watching over an incredibly filthy back ally in downtown Dallas.Three rats eating from a slowly disintergating,blackly swollen corpse of a crack addict. Suddenly a loud metal clatter runs through the deserted ally in this shunned neighbourhood. The round heavy metal lid of a derelict sewer system is thrown aside by a enormous force and out of this hellish black hole gulps a thick, green-glowing smoke. The rats stop chewing on the rotting meat of the extremities of the corpse and stare in fascination ant the black hole,from which suddenly rises a dripping wet,shiny black claw holding a square,flat object.A beam of insane terror runs through the beady little eyes of the rats that squeak in fear and gallop out of the ally at full speed. This could only mean one thing that Rockadelic Records have released the new record by The Burnin Rain (Ritual medicine Show). (Freak Beat Magazine)

The Burnin Rain have established them selves completely as a serious cult band in Europe.This is pure,crude and unpolished garage-psych as it's ment to be. I think that "Gwendolyn" must be one,if not the best Rain songs I have heard so far. The guitar is just incredible and one is tempted to put it on the level with immortal (Cold Sun) "Dark Shawdows" album that Rockadelic pressed.Though the over all atmosphere is completely differnt.With the soulfulgrooves of of the song "The Undergroud" the band is always expanding into different directions. What I like about The Burnin Rain is that they are immediately recognized as a pure Texas psych band that uses the jug and a dry guitar sound that places them among the logic heirs of the stand out band that have been knighted Texas psych garage greats.Just take the song "Black Cat Night" with it's circling guitar themes that take you eight miles higher than all these fake wanna-bees. With primitive crawling vocals,soaring guitars and swelling organ I can't think of a better psyche-garage Texas band that I have listen to that is better than "The Burnin Rain". (Gregor Kessler Gore Magazine)

Mike Pemberton -guitar, vocal
Erich Anderson - guitar, keyboards
Bobby Faubion - bass
Chris Gore - drums

"Currently extant Texas band,but it's psychedelic roots run deep" (Spin Magazine)

"Burnin Rain is pure Texadelia, a band that would not sound out of place on an International Artist comp. This is one hell of a guitar album,which has been fighting for space hereabouts with the likes of The Dead Moon for the past month or so. (Phil McMullen Bucket Full of Brains)

"Mike Pemberton started out as the token ‘white’ boy playing bass in an all-Black funk band in the late 70’s . It was a memorable experience to say the least. In the early 80’s he joined Deep Ellum band, ‘Model 12’, with Chris Gore and....A very handsome guy, with a laid-back attitude, Mike eased onto the scene with flair and self-assurance minus the cockiness we could all do without. In the tradition of the ‘13th Floor Elevators’, ‘The Chessmen’, ‘Mouse and The Traps’ and ‘The Nomad’s meet the “Burnin’ Rain”, brainchild of Mike Pemberton and Mark Migliore, founder, Rockadelic Records, conceptualized in 1988. Using vintage ‘Vox’ guitars, amps and fuzz boxes they hired Jim Edgerton for vocals , Erich Anderson sounding very Manzarek-esque on Vox Organ and brilliant , veteran rock drummer Chris Gore. In a typically bohemian environment, replete with lava lamps, incense, carpeted walls, in an old brick two-story
four-plex on Worth Street in historical East Dallas, their highly palpable chemistry shaped the sounds that quickly become ‘Burnin Rain’.

The first session produced “Piece of your Love”, and “All Night Long”, (the third 45 rpm on Rockadelic Records), a quick- selling 500 !. Within two months of the band’s formation, Mark Miglioure and Jim Edgerton split to form their own band, “Fish Eye Lens”. The surviving members located an old high-school pal, Dan Connelly, (formerly of ‘Danny and The Daylights’) to fill out the gap on vocals and lead guitar, producing their first effort, “Visions” on the ‘Mind and Eye’ label, with distribution through Rockadelic Records, Dallas and ‘Resonance’ of The Netherlands and New York City. The grainy, raw effects on tunes like, ‘Smoke Stack Lightening’ were due in part to a classic four-track Crown reel-to-reel recorder and a Gretch guitar owned by Pemberton. Danny’s natural swagger with the guitar and his organic, coarse, blues-driven voice brushed on the final touches of what would become one of the hippest, most talented bands in Deep Ellum, and the Southwest.

The next 10 months were spent honing their dazzling, vibrant 12-song repertoire. Within a month of pressing, Semiphore Records in Holland heard their music, instantly signed the band, repressing ‘Visions’ with 4000 sold as they began recording their second album, “Iwaska”. Iwaska is a South American vine that local shaman used in ritual ceremonies, inducing a drug-like trance with visions of places they never physically inhabited… . Featuring seasoned local Dallas chanteuse Cricket Taylor on the psyche-rock, bluesy, swaying duet with Danny, “Dreams”, opening with a light rainstorm track layered underneath, “What is it that you want, or do you really know, dear? Tell me do you have a dream ? Well find it , chase it, la la la… …..” Oh, you’ll sing along, trust me. “I have let others get to me at times, but I won’t let it stop me, no, I’ll let it inspire me, I will”……the sweet echoes of a voice too early taken , Danny Connelly’s haunting layers in harmony plead “Don’t let your dreams go too far”…..get ready for the chill.

Their third record, “Pictures In The Fire”, was a triumph in its simplicity. Still retaining the raw, edgy sound with a more finessed, mature result, noted especially in the title song, with Pemberton singing, they left you wanting more….Their live shows were etched into the memory of those fortunate enough to experience them, from live shows at Club Clearview to the Frye Street Fair, with a sound that endures the test of time, and now anyone can access the beauty of Burnin Rain!" (Lyric LaCeile)

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