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Dzjenghis Khan - Same & Hey You! (2007/2009)

Hey You! (2009)

"Psychedelic super freaks Dzjenghis Khan released a freak-out acid fuzz '70s black psychedelic hardrock monster which blows your mind away. These artists are more '70s than the '70s itself. Dzjenghis Khan are the grandsons of Captain Beyond on LSD. In an adjusted world of ritalin popping robot-like zombies, their music is a slap in the face of the trend-following society. Wow, what an awesome start to the new decade!"

Kolejną muzyczną propozycją jest holenderski Dzjenghis Khan, stylistycznie podobny do prezentowanej już wcześniej innej holenderskiej grupy Orange Sunshine - obie zresztą nagrywają dla tej samej wytwórni Motorwolf. Grupa gra typowego brudnego bluesa spod znaku Stackwaddy.

Tommy Tomson - drums, vocals
Lane Rider - guitar, vocals
Binksebus Eruptum - bass, vocals

Dzjenghis Khan recently recorded their debut album at the infamous Hans Mulder studio in the Hague, Holland with heavy fuzz freak producer Guy Tavares of Orange Sunshine-fame. All tracks were recorded live in the studio between july 1st thru 3rd 2007 with vocals and some guitars overdubbed the following week.

A few amps were chosen from Guy's selection of amps. These included a Sunn Model T, a Sunn Colisseum, a Sunn 200S, a Fender Dual Showman and an Acoustic 370 bass amp. Minimal separation was used in the live room and the session was recorded to 1/2 inch 8 track using an array of microphones including some custom built by engineer / co-producer Hans Koolstra with candy bar wrapper ribbons. Bassist Binksebus Erumptum decribes the studio experience thusly, "It was non-stop excitement. I felt like I was on one of those rides I used to go on at the fair while I was a kid, y'know, the kind that goes up and down and whips you around? Uhhh, oh yeah! A pony! It was really great."

The album opens with a spontaneous instrumental jam recorded on the first take called "Snake Bite.". "It was actually inspired by one of Guy's kids biting Lane's ankle but we thought "Child Bite" was kinda lame." Next is a Khan classic, "Wildcat", a heavy number sung by drummer Tommy Tomson. On listening back to the track he says, "I'm about 97% sure that's not me playing. I have no recollection of recording that song."

"Black Widow" is sung by guitarist Lane Rider. "Sweet spider baby. Oh how you did lay me." and adds "The sexy spider crawled up the water spout... just to check it out. Dig? But when she arrived, to my surprise, and my soon demise, she crushed me between her sexy thighs. Yeah!"

Same (2007)

"No Time For Love" is the fourth track to grace this masterful album. When asked about the soulful groove behind this song Binksebus replied, "We don't have soul. We're white."

Avenue A, with its pop sound was writen and concieved by Lane Rider. but Tommy had this to say: "Yeah, I wrote this song... but this **** is taking all the credit for it."

The last song on side A of the LP is a more punky number, entitled Against the Wall. Sung by Tommy, it tells of a wayward runaway teenager trying to make it on the streets. Tommy told me it was written from his own past experiences. "Yeah, it's about me and all. People think that just because I was 28 my parents kicked me out, but really I ran away. **** you mom!"

Side B kicks off with the heavy five and a half minute driving rocker "Black Saint." I asked the guys what made this song so special. "This song is about as special as the lunch special at the special ED cafeteria... it sucks, but I still eat it."

The song "End of the Line" was written by Binksebus while under supernatural mind control. DO NOT PLAY BACKWARDS!!! When questioned about this he simply replied "Listen to this song backwards."

"Rosie", the longest and most epic song on the record, is a mind melting trip through space. Lane Rider sings this one and had this to say. "This sexy song... is like having an orgasm for twenty five minutes. The tape ran out at about eight minutes but I kept going for another seventeen and left that amp smoking and satisfied."

The final track, an instumental entitled Sister Dorien was actualy writen by Lane when he was at the tender age of seventeen. "I remember writing this song... actually I wrote it for a girl I had a crush on at the time but it didn't work out ya know. Well, it might have if only she hadn't been my sister."

I also got the chance to find out what the members individually felt were their five most influential albums during the making of the record.

Tommy: "Well first of all I want to thank God, and Satan too. And Black Sabbath and Jim Beam. Uh, was that five?"

Binksebus: "If I tell you that you'll know all the songs we ripped off."

Lane: "Maybe like the first UFO record, Jerusalem, Zipper, Thin Lizzy's "Vagabonds of the Western World", Wicked Lady and for all you ladies out there... the Bedroom Mazurka. yeah!"

Well there you have it folks, the behind the music true hollywood story of the making of the music behind the scenes. I really had a great time interviewing this rag tag group of artist and I hope the deep thought and countless studio hours put into their new album will grace your record player many a time." (Freakpodium)

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