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Karuna Khyal - Alomoni 1985 (1976)

W przypadku tego wydawnictwa otrzymujemy mocno wdzierające się w umysł połączenie japońskiej psychodelii z krautrockiem. Czeka nas dzika i hipnotyczna wycieczka do odmiennych stanów świadomości, fascynujący oraz niepokojący eksperyment z niesamowitym wykorzystaniem instrumentów, do których dołącza zniekształcony głos o wielu warstwach. Z całą pewnością warto zaryzykować!
Behold: a true hidden treasure. Buried deep in time, this obscure artifact is something of a revelation. No group information was ever given, and no production date or location is indicated, however, it would seem that this record and the "Brast Burn" LP (also reissued by Paradigm) are both by the same group of Japanese nutters and that they were both recorded in the mid seventies in Japan. But all you really need to know is that it is stone cold fantastic, a wild and manic trip full to the brim with hypnotic jams constructed from all manner of eclectic instruments. The tribal blues sound is augmented with fascinating tape experiments, electronics, environmental sounds, moaned (howled) vocals and a host of musical delicacies, as dangerous as they are delicious. The influence of German bands such as Can, Faust and Guru Guru is evident throughout, so too is the influence of the good Captain (Beefheart that is) whose gut wrenching blues dirges find compadres in this unearthed swamp. Deranged psychedelic music for anyone with a passing interest in Kraut rock, the new Japanese psychedelic scene (most of whom owe these pioneers a great debt) or great music from the edge of the solar system.

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pausts pisze...


Anonimowy pisze...

Great to see this album circulating as it is a personal favorite of mine. I have a quality rip of the PD Brast Burn reissue if there is interest.
I've been following this blog for awhile and have been enjoying the majority of the albums along with the reviews / info, great work all around.

mietek pisze...

Brast Burn in better quality would be much appreciated as this one here sounded rather flat-ish.

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