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Charge (1973)

Grupa Charge to dla mnie kolejne odkrycie, a to za przyczyną wytwórni Kissing Spell specjalizującej się w narkomańsko-progresywnych klimatach, o których świat zapomniał. Nie wiem zbyt wiele o tej grupie poza tym, że nagrania wydobyto z acetatów, które pierowtnie ukazały się jako "private pressing". Znakomita rzecz dla wielbicieli Dark i T2. Polecam !!!

Charge's home-made LP of 1973 is the greatest lunatic heavy-rock private pressing of the 'Progressive' era. Virtually cliched in their stunnigly apt period self tormenting guitar excess and psycho-hippie lyricism, Charge have the ultimate 'cool' & 'happening' underground credentials, man.

Occaisonall Hendrix-isms soon fall to the experimental idiosyncrasies that spring only from the genius of the British race. Swathes of Pink Floyd-esque - a la Motorhead - non music cut through the epic "Child of Nations" - Fractal psychedelia via "To My Friends",violently twanging guitars & so forth! All hail Charge !

  • Smiley de Jones - percussion
  • Ric Grech - violin, guitar, bass (Blind Faith,Family,Ginger Baker s Air Force,KGB,)
  • Ian Green - keyboards
  • Rosetta Hightower - vocals
  • Neil Hubbard - guitar (Grease Band, Juicy Lucy, Kokomo, Roxy Music)
  • Godfrey McLean - drums
  • Alan Spenner- bass (Grease Band, Kokomo, Roxy Music)
  • Lee Van Der Bilt - vocals, percussion
  • Mike Woods- guitar

The Kissing Spell label is a boutique imprint specializing in unearthing obscurities and often candid recordings of incredibly obscure U.K. psychedelic groups of the late '60s and early '70s. While they have uncovered some gems, often the recordings falter for the quality or recording conditions on some of their artifacts. Charge is yet another heavy and explosive guitar-led group with aspirations towards Jimmy Hendrix guitar absolution and blues-based workouts. The gloomy garage ambience of the recording makes for a great listen throughout, and the over worked wah-wah pedal adds to the vibes. Without a doubt authentic, and the jamming gets pretty hot. The dissonant down beat gloom can be hard to handle, but in the right moment this nullifying music can be a thrilling indulgence. Think of a less coherent Black Sabbath in the basement playing folk-inflected mantras and you are getting close to the desolation of Charge. Those who ever wondered who slipped under the carpet in the Led Zeppelin era should look no further than Kissing Spell, and Charged is a fitting addition to their catalog.

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Thanks too for this album.

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Can this be re-upped please? It looks very exellent

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