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Cherokee Mist (1994/1997)

Gathering Of The Tribes (1994)

Cherokee - Is an Iroquoian language spoken by the Cherokee people. It is the only Southern Iroquoian language that remains spoken

W sumie praktycznie nic mi nie wiadomo o tym zespole. Wiem tylko jedno .... Ta muzyka urywa łeb. Jest to gęste, jamowe, psychedeliczne granie - a gitarzysta, który ponoć grał w którymś wcieleń zespołu Steamhammer - po prostu wymiata (nie wiem czy chodzi o ten stary Steamhammer).

John Redfern- guitar, vocal
Mo Hone (ex Steamhammer) - guitar
Chris Jordan - bass
Stephen Bayes - drums, percussion
Simon Redfern - drums, percussion

Anthem Of The Moon (1997)

The best music Cherokee Mist recorded was with Caroline Davey from Wobble Jaggle Jiggle sharing the vocals with John Redfern. "Coast to Coast" and "Orange Cucumber",etc. This was going to be released as an LP on the Tangerine label, until the master tapes dissapeared? Theres some Rock and Roll Mythos for you! (Dec 2003). --- Trippy Fish

A decade on, Cherokee Mist doesn't fail to impress on variation and technique, with bursts of unexpected and frequent atmospeheric tension, a touch of enlightened mood change and a heady awareness of what is yet to come! Revive Mist! - -- Jeannie

Mo Hone is a mighty Rocking guitar player! --- Wobbly Bo

Is it ironicly to Grateful Dead's "Anthem Of The Sun" album? --- Savagesaints

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Hi Savage

I spent few days in Cyprus. I'm just coming back in Paris. Thanks for this one I need heavy psych rock !


zigzagwanderer pisze...

Any possibility of a re - up ?

Many thanks .

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