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The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown - Tantric Lover (2000)

Udało się, szukałem od dawna tej płyty i chciałem ją Państwu zaprezentować. Nie umniejszam wkładu Arthura Browna i nie neguję "wielkości" i "jakości", którą wniósł nagrywając w 1967 roku swoją debiutancką płytę z psychedelicznym klasykiem "Fire", ale wciąż wydaje mi się nadal jakaś ciężka i hermetyczna. O kolejnych np. "Starangelands" nie wspominam, bo te już ocierały się już prawie o eksperyment. Ale kiedy usłyszałem po raz pierwszy "Tantric Lover" po prostu odpadłem i dziwna sprawa - bo na tej płycie znajdują się też utwory o niemal popowym odcieniu, a nawet są i kawałki reggae'owe - ba! znajduje się też wspomniany "Fire" w nowym wykonaniu. Ale reszta utworów...? To już mistrzostwo świata i prawdziwy kunszt. Zachęcam gorąco do posłuchania.

Arthur Brown - lead vocal, acoustic guitar
Rick Patten, Cris Kenny - organ, guitars
Stan Addre - cello, bass
Malcolm Mortimore - drums
John Claydon - sax
Ravi - kora
Derek Austin - organ
Paul Eschaleby, Gordon Campbell - trombone

They say that the psychedelic period started in 1967 with the Beatles "Sgt. Peppers"...but Arthur was way ahead for his time! In 1966 releasing "Crazy World" and gaining 2 hits from that album was just a start..the real thing was his live shows where he wore makeup and would come to the stage from guide wires above on flames! Without Arthur bringing theatrics to the stage, artist like Alice Cooper, Kiss, and Marilyn Manson would have had no roadmap. All of his recordings were also "concept" recordings making Sgt. Peppers not the first. After spending too much time in Austin Tx, painting houses it is great to see Arthur back in the groove again. He very well may be the BEST male vocalist of all time; certainly he has the most expansive range of any male singer I have ever heard. Now that I have this recording the more I listen to it the more I "get it". The word "Tantric" has it's origins as the word used to describe the main thread on the loom. The thread to which all is tied. The begining and the end. The knowledge of life that is passed down from generation to generation though the ages as described by the Buddist. No this is not a prog rock recording as most of his others but you can not classify this recording as it contains all types of music. Great cello, banjo,slide guitar, and hand drums will be found in these gems. The recording is however all about the lyric. It requires you to listen deeply and to contemplate it's meaning. The symbolism is mind blowing! It touches on all aspecs of LOVE from the sublime to the absurd. It is beautiful music written by a beautiful soul. Thank you Arthur, you have touched me deeply and I hope all reading this will give this great piece of music a try. (Amazon)

So Arthur Brown's name remains irremediably attached to the late-'60s freakout hit "Fire." So his numerous subsequent albums and projects never eclipsed that one fulgurous shot at stardom. Yet the man kept on going, re-emerging periodically with a new serving of songs. And in all of them remains one element: the voice. That unusually powerful, charismatic voice upon which aging seems to have no hold is what gives Tantric Lover its soul. Beyond the battered-up Summer of Love lyrics and the acoustic guitars, the voice is still a strange attractor and enough reason to turn your ear to this album. That is not to say that Brown's writing doesn't deserve your attention. On the contrary, his songs are sharp and listener-friendly. Backed by an acoustic bassist doubling as cellist (Stan Adler), a drummer versed in ethnic percussion, and multi-instrumentalist Rik Patten (who handles guitars and Hammond organ), the singer tells his stories as if to a group of his close friends. "Paradise" pairs a whispered narrative with a soaring chorus line in pure Crazy World fashion. "Circle Dance" has a delightful acoustic folk-rock feel. In "Gabriel," Brown displays his vocal range, reaching impossible lows as he explains how the Virgin Mary may have been enamored of the archangel. All the tracks are not that good: The ballads "Welcome" and "Swimfish" along with the musical theater love song "Heartaches" remain too syrupy to really catch the attention. But Tantric Lover is an honest effort, true to Brown's persona. ---- François Couture, Allmusic

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