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Cul de Sac / Damo Suzuki - Abhayamudra (2004)

Prezentowane wydawnictwo to efekt współpracy byłego wokalisty Can Damo Suzuki z amerykańskim zespołem Cul de Sac. Dwupłytowy album "Abhayamudra" upamiętnia trasę jaką artyści odbyli wspólnie po Stanach Zjednoczonych i Europie w 2002 i 2003 roku. Ponad dwie godziny bezkompromisowej i ekscytującej muzyki, która z pewnością przyniesie wiele satysfakcji miłośnikom talentu wokalnego Damo Suzuki oraz bostończyków z Cul de Sac.

Picture this: two tours, one each of Europe and the USA, combining the unique singing talents of Damo Suzuki with Cul de Sac, one of the few modern bands who can actually compete with Can’s legacy. Abhayamudra ? appropriately named after a calming Buddhist gesture of fearlessness or protection ? presents a selection of their nightly forays into instant composition, each of the eleven tracks having been performed unrehearsed and unplanned.
Stream of consciousness in both Damo's vocals and the telepathic interplay of Cul de Sac is evident here, as each pushes their repertoire into new convolutions and cross-pollinates the other's abilities, pushing them further into the unknown. ‘Beograd 6’ is a case in point; a feedback wail introduces a languorous drumbeat and some vocal acrobatics from Damo. Given that this is Mr Suzuki at work, they are no mere scat ramblings, but a full-blown freeform lyrical accompaniment and complement to the unwinding groove. What he is on about is anyone's guess, but listening to Damo's voice is a bit like taking in the William Burroughs drawl, though in Damo's case the meaning is in the sound of his voice. Likewise, Glenn Jones and company provide suitable moods, sometimes sinuous and often exploding out into bursts of rolling exhilaration.

If there are any criticisms, it's that sometimes tracks fade out at odd junctures, presumably for space reasons. Since the longest piece is over 20 minutes long, there is plenty to revel in on Abhayamudra. The kosmische swoon and vital groove of Cul de Sac show they are by no means the junior partners in the group. Some of Suzuki's recordings and live shows with his wide network of friends (or sound carriers as he calls them) have been less than stellar in the cold light of day, though they generally rock very hard in performance. Fortunately, Abhayamudra is a suitably enveloping album: just as his gigs can be when everything is set just so.

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