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Suzi Quatro - Can The Can (1973)

Pomyślałem sobie, że może od czasu do czasu oprócz tych wszystkich poważnych, eksperymentalnych, odjechanych i zaangażowanych tematów - powrócić czasem do bardziej "luźnych" klimatów. Ja swoją muzyczną karierę rozpoczynałem właśnie od nagrań Suzi Quatro, Gary Glittera, Slade, Sweet i Mud, aby za moment przejść już do Black Sabbath czy Deep Purple (rozpoczynając karierę jako hip). Potem natomiast nastąpił przełom i jako punkowiec miałem starych glamowców za bandę pierdzieli. Z perspektywy czasu teraz zupełnie inaczej patrzę na to wszystko, bo przecież okazuje się, że nawet Sex Pistols byli cholernym glamowcami tylko w zupełnie innym kontekście. Dlatego więc chętnie sięgnąłem po pierwszą płytę Suzi.

Urodziła się w katolickiej rodzinie w 1950 roku. Jej ojciec z pochodzenia Włoch w wolnym czasie zajmował się muzyką. Jej matka była z pochodzenia Węgierką. Suzi zaczęła swoją karierą muzyczną wraz z zespołem Pleasure Seekers,a potem Cradle gdzie grała ze swoimi siostrami Patti, Nancy i Arlene. W 1971 roku przeprowadziła się do Wielkiej Brytanii po tym jak odkrył ją w Detroit producent muzyczny... Mickie Most. Jej pierwszy singiel "Rolling stone" był klapą wszędzie tylko nie w Portugalii gdzie zajął pierwsze miejsce na liście przebojów. Drugi singiel "Can the can" podbił listy przebojów w całej Europie i Australii. Dwa pierwsze albumy równiez odniosły olbrzymi sukces. Nigdy nie udało jej się podbić Stanów Zjednoczonych.

Susan Kay "Suzi" Quatro (born June 3, 1950) is an American singer-songwriter, musician, and actress.

She scored a string of hit singles in the 1970s that found greater success in Europe than in her homeland, and had a recurring role on the popular American sitcom Happy Days.

Quatro was born into a Catholic musical family, in Detroit, Michigan. Her father, Art, a part-time jazz musician, was of Italian descent, while her mother, Helen Sanislay, was Hungarian. Quatro stated in her autobiography that her paternal grandfather, whose last name was Quattrocchi, shortened the family name to "Quatro" before she was born. She is the aunt of actress Sherilyn Fenn, whose mother is Quatro's sister Arlene. Quatro began her musical career at the age of fourteen. She played the bass guitar in the all-female band Pleasure Seekers and Cradle with her sisters Patti, Nancy, and Arlene. Her first bass guitar was a 1957 Fender Precision, given to her by her father. Patti Quatro later joined the band Fanny, one of the earliest all-female rock bands to gain national attention. She has a brother, Michael Quatro, who is also a musician.

Quatro moved to the United Kingdom in 1971 after being discovered in Detroit by the record producer Mickie Most, who produced The Animals, Jeff Beck, Lulu, and Donovan. By this time he had started his own label RAK Records, which made stars of Hot Chocolate and Mud.

Quatro's first single "Rolling Stone" did not achieve popularity except in Portugal, where it hit number one on the charts. Most introduced Quatro to the songwriting and production team Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman. Her second single "Can the Can" (1973) was a number one hit throughout Europe and in Australia. It was followed up by three further hits: "48 Crash" (1973), "Daytona Demon" (1973), and "Devil Gate Drive" (1974) on RAK Records. "Can the Can", "48 Crash" and "Devil Gate Drive" each sold over one million copies, and were each awarded gold discs.

These recordings a hybrid of Glam Rock and Bubblegum Pop, however, met little success in her native United States, despite tours in the mid-1970s supporting Alice Cooper. With the exception of Australia, from 1975 onwards, Glam Rock's popularity declined. In the interim, she did enjoy some success as a session player.

Quatro's fortunes did not change until 1978 when "If You Can't Give Me Love" became a hit in the United Kingdom and Australia. This did nothing to prompt Stateside success, but "Stumblin' In", a duet recorded that same year for RSO Records with Chris Norman of the band Smokie reached a #4 peak in the U.S. Both tracks featured on the If You Knew Suzi album. A year later, Quatro released Suzi... And Other Four Letter Words, which she called her favourite album. This featured singles, such as "She's In Love With You", which made number 11 in Britain, "Mama's Boy" (34), and "I've Never Been In Love" (56). In 1980, her song "Rock Hard" was featured on the soundtrack of the cult film Times Square, along with some punk and new wave bands like Talking Heads, Ramones, XTC, and The Pretenders. 1980 also saw the release of Suzi Quatro's Greatest Hits. This record was promoted with TV and radio promotions from the record label. This was her highest charting album in the UK, peaking at #4 in the UK Albums Chart.

This success period proved brief however, and her last UK hit was "Heart of Stone" in late 1982. In 1985, Quatro collaborated with Bronski Beat and members of The Kinks, Eddie and the Hot Rods, and Dr. Feelgood on the Mark Cunningham produced version of David Bowie's "Heroes", released the following year as the 1986 BBC "Children In Need" single.

In December 2005, a documentary chronicling Quatro's life, Naked Under Leather, directed by former member of The Runaways Victory Tischler Blue, appeared. In February 2006, Quatro released "Back To the Drive", produced by Sweet guitarist Andy Scott. The album's title track was written by her former collaborator Mike Chapman.

In March 2007, Quatro released a version of the Eagles song "Desperado", followed by the publication of her autobiography, Unzipped. Quatro has sold nearly 50 million records.

Quatro proved it was possible for a women of small stature to proudly and raunchily wear leather, sing and play bass. She had a direct influence on The Runaways and Joan Jett. A number of music history revisionists have credited her with being a precursor to the 1990s riot grrrl movement. This has been disputed by Allmusic who noted her "innocuous" lyrics and that many of her songs were written for her by professional writers.

She is known in the United States for her role as Leather Tuscadero on the TV show Happy Days. Show producer Garry Marshall offered the role without an audition after seeing her on his daughter's bedroom wall. Leather was the younger sister of Fonzie's girlfriend, hot-rod driver Pinky Tuscadero. Leather fronted an all-girl rock band joined by principal character Joanie Cunningham. The character returned in other cameo roles, including once for a date to a fraternity formal with Ralph Malph. Marshall offered Quatro a Leather Tuscadero spin-off, but she refused, saying she did not want to be typecast. The indie rock band, Tuscadero, was named after her character.

Other acting roles include a 1982 episode of British comedy-drama series Minder called "Dead Men Do Tell Tales", as the singer girlfriend of Terry's (Dennis Waterman). In 1985, she starred as a mentally disturbed ex-MI5 operative in Dempsey and Makepeace - "Love you to Death". In 1986, Quatro appeared as Annie Oakley in a London production of Annie Get Your Gun. In 1994, she made a cameo appearance in an episode of the comedy Absolutely Fabulous. She also was filmed in the 1990 Clive Barker horror film Nightbreed, but the studio cut out her character.

In 2006, Quatro performed the voice of Rio in the Bob the Builder film Built To Be Wild, and appeared in an episode of the second season of Rock School, in Lowestoft. She also appeared in the episode "The Axeman Cometh" of Midsomer Murders alongside Phil Grainger in the role of Mimi Clifton.

In October 2006, Quatro was a contestant on the British reality television show Trust Me – I'm a Beauty Therapist'.

In addition to touring, Quatro has hosted weekly rock and roll programmes on BBC Radio 2. The first one was Rockin' with Suzi Q. Her second programme called "Wake Up Little Suzi". It aired on Thursdays.

Quatro married her longtime guitarist Len Tuckey in 1976. They had two children together (Laura in 1982 and Richard Leonard in 1984) and divorced in 1992. Before 1993, Quatro lived in a manor house in Essex that she and Tuckey bought in 1980, with her two children and grandchild. She married German concert promoter Rainer Haas in 1993. Toward the end of 2008, Quatro's children moved out of the house, and she put it up for sale, but later she decided to remain in England. She explained that she had empty nest syndrome. Quatro continues to live in Essex, England. She continues to perform live around the world, doing an average of about 60 concerts per year. (wikipedia)

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