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The System - Thought Control 1980-1983 (1997)

Dosyć unikalne nagrania mało znanej grupy spod znaku Crass.

The System formed in the summer of 1980 having messed around in various other bands since 1978. In 1981 they met a band called FLUX OF PINK INDIANS, who helped them make their first single - the Warfare ep. This was very successful and contained their anthem - the Dogs Of War. By mid 1981 they were touring with FLUX OF PINK INDIANS and the legendary CRASS. They followed up with their second single - the System Is Murder. By this time they were being recognized all over the Uk, Europe and the USA. Soon the album would follow and here it is! Sorry it is a bit late but politics never change. And its as relevant today as it would have been then.

Early 80's anarchopunk bands that sadly broke up after releasing only two classic e.p.'s that musically fall in somewhere between Crass and Flux of Pink Indians. However, it came to light recently that the band had in fact recorded a full length LP and had just never had the opportunity to release it until now-and what an album it is! Picking up right where they left off on their 7"s (which are sadly now in the hands of collectors for the most part), with 12 new studio tracks and two live tracks recorded in 1983, all with the angry anarchopunk lyrics this band wrote so well. The packaging is petty much the original document (with Thatcher, Reagan, etc.) although packaging is up to the expected high Skuld Releases standards. (Dan)" Profane Existence #33

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