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The Alchemysts & Simeon - Simeon & the Alchemysts (2000)

Świetna płyta wydana w 2000 roku przez wytwórnię Nicka Salomana z Bevis Frond - Woronzow. Nie słyszałem o innej płycie sygnowanym przez The Alchemysts & Simeon, więc podejrzewam, że jest to jednorazowy projekt muzyczny. Uczestniczy w nim grupa młodych muzyków zafascynowanych psychedelią wraz z muzykiem z legendarnej grupy Silver Apples - Simeonem Coxe'm odpowiedzialnym ze przedziwne dźwięki wygenerowane elektronicznie. Ta płyta to doskonały amalgamat psychedelii, space rocka i elektroniki. Zdecydowanie polecam !!!

Simeon Coxe - oscilators, organ, fuzz organ, vocal
Jon Guard - bass, vocal
Mat Love - drums, vocal
Paul Simmons - guitar, vocal

Coupling of '60s American electronic pioneer Simeon Coxe (of the Silver Apples) with the Alchemysts, a younger acid-jamming garage punk trio from rural Somerset in England. The Alchemysts usually forge an earthy, feedback-drenched amalgam influenced by the likes of Blue Cheer, the Stooges, and MC5. However, with Simeon and his famous oscillators on board, the band sets the controls for the heart of space rock territory, occupying an orbit similar to that of early-'70s Hawkwind. The most engaging material here seamlessly melds Jon Guard and Mat Love's bedrock rhythm section, Paul Simmons' effects-laden guitar, and Simeon's sci-fi electronics. The Loop-like "Hydrophobic," for instance, is grounded in heavily propulsive drum and bass, laced with weaving guitar patterns, and layered with bubbling and chirping synth. On "Interstellar 1-2-5," throbbing oscillators move into the foreground and Simeon adds Tourette's-style vocal outbursts; but on the standout, "Lost Beat Magazine," he plays a more prominent role, singing/speaking in a vaguely manic fashion over a mesmerizing, motorik groove that evokes Tago Mago-era Can. Although it lasts for five minutes, you can't help feeling it's far too short. The reverse is true of a couple of the album's trippier, epic tracks. At nine and 15 minutes, respectively, the drifting "Magellanic" and the mellow, meandering "Morning Comes" occasionally float off into outer space and lose their way a little. Still, such indulgences are excusable as part and parcel of the genre. Unusual collaborations such as this one often sound attractive in theory and then don't live up to expectations; The Alchemysts & Simeon doesn't disappoint.

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Do you still have this one ?! is it possible to re-upload it if it's not much of a pain in the arse ?!
(i didn't want to request it here actually, knowing you guys generally don't give a damn about re-upload requests, but i can't find it anywhere so this is my last resort.
Thank you anyway.

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