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The Whitefield Brothers - In the Raw (2001)

The Whitefield Brothers to pochodząca z Niemiec funkowa grupa założona przez dwóch braci , Jana i Maxa Weissenfeldt, członków innego ciekawego zespołu Poets Of Rhytm. Ich pierwszy album “In The Raw” z 2001 roku wzbudził duże zainteresowanie na muzycznej scenie. W 2009 roku wydali drugą płytę zatytuowaną “Earthology”. Muzyka, którą proponują to inspirowany brzmieniami afrykańskimi psychodeliczny funk , lub jak sami wolą to nazywać - raw soul.

The Whitefield Brothers are a down-and-dirty funk group that makes raw, organic funk using nothing but instruments and an Afro-Caribbean sense of rhythm. The group is actually a project put together by German funk players the Poets of Rhythm, although the approach is different form their previous output.

Very possibly Soul Fire's finest full-length to date (at least when it was released in early 2002), the Whitefield Brothers' debut album, In the Raw, is a stomping, muscular, fantastically heavy set of instrumental funk that packs a mighty wallop. It's somewhat different from the other releases by Germany's Poets of Rhythm, who are actually moonlighting here under the Whitefield Brothers' alias, but certainly compatible with their aesthetic. There are some exotic touches here and there -- African chants and percussion on some tracks, a heavy Caribbean voodoo vibe on others. There's also a trippy stoner vibe to much of the project, with fuzz-toned organ stabs, spare floating horn work, deliberate mid-tempo grooves, and booming drums mixed way up front for maximum thud. It's an exhilarating listen, and raises hopes that Soul Fire will continue to come up with funk sounds this fresh. (AMG)

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