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Bojoura - Night Flight, Night Sight (1968)

Bojoura - Raina Cleuver van Melzen (April 15, 1947) - was a Dutch girl of Bulgarian extraction who was discovered by George Kooymans of Golden Earring. The best-known track on this 1968 album is her straightforward pop debut hit, Everybody’s Day, but the more leftfield productions are the most interesting. I Can’t Stop Rambling, Dream Man and the two contrasting parts of Looking For The Land all benefit from strong and imaginative brass and string arrangements from producer Fred Haayen, without swamping Bojoura’s voice.

Sitting somewhere between her then-contemporaries Mary Hopkin and Judy Dyble, it’s an immediately striking vocal which may not be to everyone’s taste, though is certainly out of the mainstream. Bojoura tackles a handful of covers, including the Bee Gees’ Holiday and Donovan’s Hampstead Incident, though Otis Redding’s That’s How Strong My Love Is doesn’t quite convince.

Digitally remastered and expanded edition of the debut album. A wonderful singer of orchestral Psych-Pop in the vein of Dana Gillespie, with her own unique sexy style reminiscent of the immortal Mariska Veres, Bojoura's records featured many of the top figures of Nederbeat and were successful both on the underground scene and in the mainstream charts, where she remains a fixture in Holland to this day. Here, we have the contents of her amazing first album plus bonus tracks from 45s. This album is an unknown Psych-Pop extravaganza which breathes the exotic free and easy atmosphere of Holland in the 1960s: a fusion of Nederbeat and Ye Ye which will delight!

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Thx for this one.

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If you have any more of her work, please post it. Thank you for this amazing gem.

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Verdadera joya,Gracias amigo

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Superb blog! I would appreciate if you could re-upload this.

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