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Dimentia 13 (1985)


Forced Exposure # 9 - Winter '86

"...Alternating between stunning Barrett likenesses and rising guitar soaked streaks that approach Crystallized Movements' territory (like 'Lysergic Mental Vibrations'), Dimentia 13 have make a great LP that you should know about." ...Jimmy Johnson

Bucketfull of Brains (UK) Issue # 14, January 1986

"Syd Barrett acolytes from Ohio! This tasty goblet of swirling, bubbling psych slips down a treat. The heavily acid etched instrumental 'Lysergic Mental Vibrations' is an excellent contrast to the more whimsical joys of the opening 'We Are' and the aquatic lunacy of 'I Am A Whale.' Over on side two, 'Last In Line' is a pretty flawless Chocolate Watchband respray job while 'Colors' employs backwards tape jiggery-pokery as an eerie voice creeps in and out of the mix having escaped from somewhere you probably don't want to know about. 'Psilocybin Spot' fulfills the same role as side one's 'Lysergic...' and is as effective. Finally, 'The Lizard' is an acoustic based trip into the mynd of the vocalist who is driven to bizarre flights of fantasy by a brief, and unexpected, FX bombardment. Sensibly, and probably to avoid the unwanted attentions of like minded space cadets, the band members remain anonymous and the murky photo on the sleeve adds to the mystery of this wickedly warped caboodle of crazed vignettes." ...Jon Storey

Sounds column, # 19

DIMENTIA 13: (Midnight). Can they really be from America? Dimentia 13's stunning debut recalls the British psychedelia of Soft Boys, Kevin Ayers, Syd Barrett, and early Soft Machine. While the lead vocals might be hard for some garage punks to grasp, the effort it takes to get into them is certainly worth it. Dimentia 13 have a lot to offer and, hopefully they'll be able to release a lot more vinyl in the coming years." ...Charles P.Lamey

Option March/April 1986

Let's see... black-light record cover, wobbly writing on the back, song titles like "Lysergic Mental Vibrations" and "Psilocybin Spot", inspirational credits that include Syd Barrett and Strawberry Alarm Clock, lyrics like 'The walls begin to melt/The room is turning blue." Fuzz-wah guitar and vox organ. Can you guess where these guys' heads are at? Next time you're on a good trip, it'd be well worth your while to go to your nearest head shop and have this put on the turntable for you. - Randy Greif

Musical Express/Sounds May 1986

One column review of LP. Unable to state content, being that it's in German.

Hartbeat (German Magazine) April 1986

"Well, it took me quite a while to decipher the band's name on the cover and if it hadn't been for the small print on the jacket saying (c) 1985 DEMENTIA 13, I perhaps wouldn't have been able to read it all. But who cares anyway? Dimentia 13 state a long list of influences from the Fuzztones to the Chocolate Watchband, they write neat little tunes like 'Lysergic Mental Vibrations' 'Colors,' or 'Psilocybin Spot', they use backward tapes, fuzz, echo and assorted effects ... the aim is clear: psychedelic music for mind and body, yet they never achieve what they aim at with me. It's too obvious, too electric let's say: too electronic! They might strive for a new dimention in sound, the new psychedelic experience, but I've been left without the vibrations. They might go down as the discovery of the year, the new sound, the absolute experience, the brainwashing, but I've been full of ignorance since I have been taking my first breath. Gee! I like that little instrumental 'Psilocybin Spot' quite a bit though, however the SHOX LUMANIA over/undertones are still there." ...Hans Jurgen Klitsch

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