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Psych Trail Mix - The Psychedelic Zine

I started Psych Trail Mix zine back in the winter of 2008 and have done it ever since. It's something that I wanted to do to just get things out of me! For one thing, I loved music so much that I wanted to write about it, review it, explore it further, talk with others who are into the particular genres that I enjoy, and to create something of my own in appreciation for it. It's been an amazing creative outlet that has let me communicate with other like-minded individuals who are into the psychedelic genre and all the great things that come with it. Psychedelia isn't just a kind of music, or a passing fad, it's a whole THING. There's a lot to it. At first I printed them out myself and mailed them out completely free of any sort of charge. This went on for the first 2 issues. Then the 3rd issue I had to charge for shipping costs. Now. through talking with others who had a printed zine to start, I figured "PRINT YOUR OWN ZINE" might be the best way to go. This allows you to view the zine in PDF format and hopefully, PRINT IT if you'd like to. I hope that now, being web-based and COMPLETELY FREE that I will bring in even more readers. I hope you enjoy Psych Trail Mix. If any of you would like to communicate, I love to hear from readers, so I highly encourage it. Please contact me at psychtrailmix@yahoo.com with comments. Thanks!

Some might already recognize this zine and/or Brent's Helios Creed fan site, but if you haven't I urge you to check both of them out.

Psych Trail Mix is one of the most dedicated zines I've seen in a while, and it focuses on exactly what you would expect it to (it covers everything from the God Bullies to the Beatles) with some unexpected and fun extras like the laugh inducing rant on things that should just stop at the end of the most recent issue. Issue #5 was just released and it's downloadable in PDF format so you can read it that way, or he encourages you to print it yourself to get the full experience.

I also encourage you to shoot Brent an e-mail at psychtrailmix@yahoo.com with your love and feedback

The Psych Trail Mix is available for free at http://www.helioschrome.com

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