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Patti Smith Group - Live At Rockpalast (1979) bootleg

Patti Smith - Vocals/Guitar
Lenny Kaye - Guitar/Voc
Iuan Kral - Bass/Voc
Jay Dee Daugherty - Drums
Bruce Brody - Keyb

"She didn't care to do anything with the J. Geils Band, but she was proud to play with Johnny Winter. Albrecht had no chance to announce her because she kept opening and closing the stage door and simply climbed on-stage. She had already let all of Europe know her wishes for this time period: "Let me get on that fucking stage!" There are many differences of opinion on her concert. One possibility: On-stage stood a self-proclaimed high priestess of rock who emphatically presented her charismatic charm. That impressed a lot of people on that night." - From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.

In her following interview Alan wasn't able to get much more out of her than a few sounds from a clarinet.

Patti Smith was born in Chicago in 1946, grew up mainly in New Jersey, then moved to New York, where she is an important exponent of the New York rock and culture scene. There she has become a popular term as a rock musician and poet . Her big idols were the Rolling Stones, particularly Mick Jagger. People that have influenced her include Bob Dylan, whose 'Blonde on Blonde' was a decisive experience for her, just as singer for the Doors, Jim Morrison, was. There were also important influences for her in literature such as, for example , the French poet, Arthur Rimbaud, and the American, William Burroughs. The starting point in the development of her own group was her relationship with the rock journalist and guitarrist, Lenny Kaye, who already accompanied her poem readings on his guitar. Since 1974, her poems became songs and a group was formed.

Shortly after the Rockpalast concert, Patti Smith pulled herself out of the music business. In 1988, she returned with the album 'Dream of Live'. Between those times, she released many books. Presently (1996), another new LP is just being released.

What is Patti Smith doing now?

From Uwe Schmalz, Rockpalast Club Info 15, January, 1998

Patti Smith was also made into a legend of the Rockpalast-Nights through her notorious appearance. On the fourth Rocknacht in the Grugahalle in Essen, on April 21st, 1979, she, as former cult star of the New York punk movement, gave an original show and threw the world out of whack. Everyone there was of a different opinion. Patti proclaimed herself as high priestess of punk, wave and rock'n'roll, but seemed to have lost every concept about it with her appearance. Following her performance and in front of an audience of millions, she crawled on-stage towards Johnny Winter to the sound of clarinets. Live, it all seemed more embarrassing than crazy, but for the audience, she was immediately a cult figure. Only Rockpalast offers such moments. And live, on top of that! An absolute highlight in the history of Rockpalast, and repeatedly asked and wished for. Unfortunately, not possible because of legal grounds.

Patti Smith, whose career began more as a lyricist than a musician, pulled herself out of the music business shortly after the European-wide record-breaking Rockpalast appearance. 'Because the Night' became, and remains until today, a party classic and fans always have Patti in their thoughts. With the album, 'Dream of Live' in 1988, Patti provided for her first comeback. With her husband, Fred Smith, and producer, Jimmy Iovine, this comeback can be considered successful. Patti finally earned herself a spot amongst innovative evergreen rockers. After a period of long and painful suffering, Patti's husband died; her music capabilities also seemed to have ended forever. Patti Smith was quiet for a while.

More or less unexpectedly, she appeared again in 1996. She gave the second comeback in her life after working out with her music instead of being pushed out of it. Concerts in the USA and Europe (including gigs in Köln, Hamburg and Berlin, which were criticized as sensational) were highly praised. With her brand new CD 'Peace and Noise', she started a US tour (with four sold-out concerts) at the end of October, 1997, at the CBGB in New York, the cradle of alternative punk and wave music.

Greatly touted by the media there, I experienced one of these fantastic appearances in CBGB. It was a bizarre trip through darkness, happiness, fragility and powerful music. An almost tangible tension span was built up by poems, stories and carefully sought-out pieces, also including conversations from Dylan and Jim Morrison. In the meantime, Patti Smith embodies a generation of overlapping links of rock music between 1975 and the late '90s. Fresh, not dusty! On the last day in 1997, Patti Smith was 51 years old and seems more creative than ever. (rockpalastarchiv.de)

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