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Peace Bread & Land Band - Spirito-Politico Folk Rock 1969-1978

This vinyl disk contains two pieces from an unreleased demo tape done by the original Peace, Bread & Land Band in Berkeley in 1969, six songs from Liberation Music , a 10" record produced in Seattle in 1970, two songs from Mill Town Blues , a 7" album recorded in 1974, and two tracks from Modality Stew , a 12" disk recorded in Olympia and Vancouver, Washington in 1978.'

'This was basically Sid Brown's band (ex-Spike Drivers). When he moved from the Detroit area to San Francisco he went to the Ali Akbar College of Music in Berkeley and formed Peace, Bread & Land Band. They made some recordings. After that the band moved north and released a 10" EP Liberation Music in an oversized envelope (full of '60s motives) and later on a 7" EP.

They later changed their name to Peace, Bread & Land and made an album Sid is not very proud of. That's why he parallelly did a record on his own: Modality Stew . The songs are from all periods with all the songs from the 10" EP.'

'Communal left-wing hippie folkrock with female vocals and a strong political orientation, including a poem by Ho Chi Minh set to music and women's rights concerns. A mono recording.' - Acid Archives

'Should also throw in a word for the recent Peace Bread & Land Band reissue from RD Records, which I'd rate as among the top 3 I've heard on the label, up t with the Spikedrivers (a percussor to this band) and the old Bob Smith box set. It's hippie folkrock with a strong political edge and an Eastern undercurrent; accessible sound for most psych heads, with the bonus of two outstanding unreleased tracks from 1969.' - Patrick Lundborg

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Ankh pisze...

link 1 or link 2.

Holly pisze...

I'll bite - thank you! :-)

recouse pisze...

Ten blog jest świetny, ile można dowiedzieć się o muzyce..
gdzie mogę obserwować ?

Ankh pisze...

Dzięki za miłe słowa. Obserwacja - to chyba jest proste - jest taki banerek "Dołącz do tej witryny" - i wsio.

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