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Ainigma - Diluvium (1973)

Willy Klüter - organ, lead vocals
Wolfgang Netzer - guitar, bass, backing vocals
Michael Klüter - drums

Ainigma, which hailed from Germany, only produced one album titled "Diluvium." Unfortunate that is, because they had much potential for a wider audience than what they got during the year this was finished, which was 1973. The use of organ is very prevalent in their recordings. Their sound has a Krautrock/ psych/ spacerock atmosphere, and is often very gloomy and dramatic. It is clear that Ainigma liked to make long jam sessions when hearing their tracks. A good album to listen to while in the midst of deep thought, in my opinion.

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Ankh pisze...

link 1 or link 2.

VaTAga pisze...

Thank you very much! Взял послушать эту редкость.

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