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Big Blood - Dark Country Magic (2010)

Dark Country Magic to bodajże czwarte wydawnictwo Big Blood, które wyszło w 2010, ale zdecydowanie najlepsze i kto wie czy nawet nie najciekawsze w całej dyskografii. Inspirowane europejskim folkiem, bogate w dźwięki, pełne pasji (wokal Colleen Kinselli, jeden z najpiękniejszych w gatunku) piosenki (chwytające za serce „Coming Home pt. III”, wspaniałe „She-Wanderer(er)” czy śpiewane chórem „Song for RO-HE-GE”) przeplatają się z awangardowymi kompozycjami („AIRAID AIR RAID” – ludzkie wokale udające syreny ostrzegawcze, „Reverse Hymnal” z przenikliwymi, dronującymi skrzypcami), których w muzyce folkowej zbyt często się nie słyszy. Naprawdę nowoczesny i zachwycający amerykański folk, bez sztucznego wydziwiania jak to ostatnio na tej scenie bywało, za to prosto z serca. (Łukasz Warna-Wiesławski)

Big Blood is a phantom four piece combining the talents of Asian Mae, Caleb Mulkerin, Rose Philistine, and Colleen Kinsella.  The band brings forward a mystifying blend of psychedelic folk music with such eccentricity that it makes it almost impossible to describe.  Unfortunately, much of their work is not officially released, and is only available as either a download or a CD-R.  However, Big Blood is an obvious hidden gem for anybody that could appreciate a hallucinogenic jamboree.

Dark Country Magic is exactly what the name suggests: a kaleidoscopic trip through a small western town that begins and ends in undefined places.  The haunting effects and experimental sounds are overlaid on top of folky song structures, forming one of the most authentic records this year.

Songs such as “Creepin’ Crazy Time” and “Coming Home Pt. III” feature gorgeous instrumental arrangements as well as strong melodies.  But in contrast to these, there are several messier and cacophonous moments that are made up of beak noises and blurred instruments.  Although these moments are an interesting addition, they come across as somewhat lifeless and irrelevant in context with the rest of the album.

The production is what makes Dark Country Magic the memorable LP that it is.  Similar to the band Woods, most of the effects are designed to transform a pleasantly gentle sound into a menacingly beautiful one.  Some of the melodies also contribute to the freak-folk sound, most notably on the opening track, “Oh My Child.”  The creepy and chilling elements are what give this album a lot of repeat power, which is obviously what any band would want.

Big Blood has set the bar high within the psych-folk genre.  Their brilliant production combined with their balance between delicate and strong melodies are pointing them towards a bright future. (livemusicguide)

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