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Jumble Lane (1971)

Jumble Lane was recorded late 1970/early 1971 by students and friends from nearby Bretton Hall college. Nick Dew later joined Bill Nelson to form the first Be-Bop-De-Luxe. martin Snell played on one of Chris Coombs songs on Asrtal Navigations, and Liam Arthurs played on Northern Dream. Steve Channing was on Teatrs on the Console and a variety of other Holyground LPs. His un-recorded slide guitar would have been his recording debut.

Originally released on the fabled Holyground label - and recorded in 1971 by students who later went on to work with Bill Nelson and other Holyground acts - only 99 copies of this album were made. Consequently this reissue will be much sought after by collectors. Mixing elements of folk and jazz into a progressive and sometime psychedelic stew, this is an interesting release that lives up to its reputation.

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link 1 or link 2.

LRRooster pisze...

One more great gem from your beautiful blog

Thx again and again

Cheers from Paris

Ankh pisze...

Thank you Little Red Rooster :)) It's great to work for people like you.

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