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Peacepipe (1968)

Rick Abts - keyboards
Gary Tsuruda - drums
John Uzonyi - guitar

Uzonyi formed the band with Tsuruda in the mid-sixties whilst they were still at High School. In 1968 they headed for Hollywood and recorded two tracks; The Sun Won't Shine Forever and Lazy River Blues, which were released on a 45 by Accent. After school Uzonyi joined the U.S. Air Force and was based in Tucson, Arizona. There he met Rick Abts who joined Jon and Gary to form The Human Equation. They gigged around the U.S. West but disbanded in 1969 to pursue non-musical careers. Shortly after, though, they reformed to record the tunes, which 26 years later found their way onto a Rockadelic's Peacepipe album. (Jon shelved the project at the time). The result is some stunning psychedelic rock with the opening track Sea Of Nightmares especially ear-catching. On side two, A Biker's Tune features some superb psychedelic guitar work and Open Your Mind culminates in more guitar histrionics. The final track Love Shine is much more mellow by contrast. (Fuzz Acid & Flowers)

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