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Mama! Milk - Fragrance Of Notes (2008)

Mama!milk is a acoustic-instrumental duo with an accordion player Yuko Ikoma and a contrabass player Kosuke Shimizu. Yuko Ikoma laces gorgeous and mysterious melodies by her beautiful fingers and Kosuke Shimizu built, various beats from deep down to up.

Based in Kyoto, Mama!milk have been performing since 1997 around Japan at various venues like gallery, temple, theater, botanical garden, museum and cafe-lounge. Their music has been described as ” Japanese New Exotica ” ~ ” music like SUMI-E [ black ink painting ] ” or ” Cinema for Ears “.

Live performances are made by just the two of them. But they play together with the air, the room surrounding and blend it into their music and have a high reputation among their audiences. On their recording, they like to work with a lot of guest musicians and have gained acknowledgement.

Currently they are working on ” meets ” series which is a collaboration album with various musicians whom mama!milk have got to know through their performances and friendship.

They play domestically or internationally for other musicians recording as guest player. In addition to producing music for theaters and films, they also have played on other musicians recording as guest musicians…

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Ankh pisze...

link 1 or link 2.

Holly pisze...

Thank you! And thank you,too, for setting up by far the BEST, most comprehensive link system I've ever encountered - very, very, much appreciated. I know it'a a lot of work!


Ankh pisze...

Thank you Holly.

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