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The Sound Of Feeling - Up Into Silence (1968-1971)

Alyce Andrece - Vocals
Rhae Andrece - Vocals
Joe Roccisano - Flute, Sax (Alto), Sax (Soprano)
Oliver Nelson - Sax (Soprano)
Gayle Levant - Harp
Paul Beaver - Moog Synthesizer
Gary David - Marxophone, Piano, Vocals
Fred Katz - Cello
Ray Neapolitan - Bass
Chuck Domanico - Bass
Dick Fisher - Drums
Maurice Miller - Drums
Dave Parlato - Bass
Emil Richards - Percussion

Up Into Silence gathers together the complete works of one of the most far out vocal groups of all time. Touching on jazz, pop, psychedelia and the avant garde, musical adventurers Gary David and the Andrece twins forged a truly new and other worldly form of music in late 1960s LA. Assisted by renowned players including Oliver Nelson, Emil Richards and Paul Beaver, the recordings encompass astounding originals, radical interpretations of standards by artists such as Donovan and Paul Simon, and settings of well known poems. The set comes complete with a booklet featuring rare photographs, detailed notes by Gary David and five previously unheard bonus tracks from 1971.

“The ultimate in wordless jazz” - Mojo

“Jazzy, spooky tripped out pop” - www.lysergia.com

The Sound of Feeling are twin sisters who first appeared on a self titled LP. The A side was their singing accompanied by Oliver Nelson, the B side was Oliver Nelson music. That LP was produced by Leonard Feather a jazz columnist for the LA Times and Down Beat. I could not find another recording by the sisters and contacted Feather 10 years after the LP was out. He said that they just disappeared into the "place where talent sometimes goes". Recently, I saw the CD being reviewed on Amazon. I immediately ordered it. However, the ship date was slipped twice - I had to reconfirm the order. Finally, I canceled that order and payed twice as much for it from a British firm. It has been well worth the wait. I simply love the music. The first several tunes are replicated from the LP (which I never found in CD form) and the rest are new to me. The style is jazz at its best - new treatment of old material that adds something to the original. The sisters have tremendous range and quick access to any notes they want. I believe some of the technique is "micro-tonal" in that the scale is extended in nice ways. I wish there was a larger body of their work available to me. (amazon)

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