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Bill Plummer & The Cosmic Brotherhood (1968)

Bill Plummer - Sitar, String Bass
Hersh Hamel - Sitar, Tambura, Vocals
Milt Holland - Tabla
Ray Neapolitan - Sitar
Jan Steward - Sarode, Tambura
Ray Anthony - Guitar
Lynn Blessing - Vibes, Bells
Dennis Budimir - Guitar
Mike Craden - Transceleste
Bill Goodwin - Drums
Carol Kaye - Bass
Mike Lang - Piano, Harpsichord
Maurice Miller - Drums
Tom Scott - Saxophone, Flute

Bill Plummer And The Cosmic Brotherhood is the third album by the American Bassist Bill Plummer.

Plummer gained interest in the Sitar and eastern sounds when he was 20, after studying with Sitar master, Ravi Shankar, he joined some musicians (a lot of them) and recorded this album, a fusion between Jazz and Eastern music, full of Sitar. One of the first mixes of Sitar with the normal Western sounds, Drums, Guitars, Basses and a Flute.

"Journey to the East" starts the album, it is a really good song. It is the only one who features vocals, even though they aren't sang but spoken. The song is about his trip to the East, to find his peace of mind. I didn't know if he really did that trip, but i guess it is a way of expressing his sudden interest in the Eastern music culture. The next are all Instrumental, the first one of them is "Pars Fortuna" shows the Jazzy side of Plummer, the song features a Saxophone, Piano and a clean Guitar solo. In "The Look of Love" the Sitar is again the main instrument of the song, the musicians are very good all of them by the way. "Song Plum" sounds a bit progressive to me, reminded me of Robert Wyatt a little.It i definitively a relaxing song. "Arc 294°" is a 10 minute Sitar solo, it starts slowly and ends in a chaotic net of sounds, a truly psych experience. "Lady Friend" is a stretched, instrumental cover of the Byrds song with the same name.

There ain't much information on Bill Plummer that I could find, unfortunately. I'm not totally sure that this is his third album, he recorded a lot of them, and participated in many others (Exile on Main Street by the Rolling Stones for example), so from what I've gathered this is the third. (notes from theredhippieteenager.blogspot)

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