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The Ghost - When You're Dead - One Second (1970)

Terry Guy / organ, piano
Shirley Kent / acoustic guitar, tambourine, lead vocals
Paul Eastment / lead guitar, lead vocals
Daniel MacGuire / bass
Charlie Grima / drums, percussion

This group was formed by singer/guitarist Paul Eastment (formerly of Velvett Fogg) in Birmingham during 1969. Drummer Charlie Grima was formerly with the Wellington Kitch Jump Band. The original name for the band was "Holy Ghost" but was soon shortened in order to avoid negative publicity. Local singer/songwriter Shirley Kent later joined the group and they started recording an album in 1969 with a single being released from it entitled When You're Dead. The single and the resulting album that came out in early 1970 on the Gemini Records label, put The Ghost in the "progressive" music category although there was also a strong folk influence that was probably due to Shirley Kent's involvement.

A second Ghost single was released later in 1970 but Shirley Kent left the group soon after to start a solo career. The remaining members continued after changing the band's name to Resurrection but later split up with no further recordings being released. Charlie Grima went on to join Roy Wood's chart-topping group Wizzard (see The Move) and later embarked on an acting career. Former Ghost members Paul Eastment and Terry Guy also appeared on Shirley Kent's solo album that was released in 1975. Danny MacGuire died in 1998.

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