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Pauline Filby - Show Me A Rainbow (1969)

Many singers of popular music have all kinds of problems in merely trying to decide what songs to put on two sides pf a Long Player. This, I'm sure, is the reason why so many groups and singers in recent years have resorted to writing their own songs, and those that have managed to create something new have carved lifetime careers for themselves. The Beatles must head the list in this field.

Pauline Filby has solved the material hubting problem in this way, as all but three of the songs of this album are written by her. Not just a pretty voice, mate ! One is always reading that "here is a new star about to happen, folks" but in this case, I feel quite sincerely that Pauline has a great future for herself, providing the necessary things click into place, such as management and exploitation, etc.

The backing for this collection of songs is quite adequate, with no undue complications, plus some very nifty work on guitar by Gordon Giltrap which definitely stands out. Don't go running away with the idea that this is a series of folky-type religious songs. I'm sure the first sixteen bars of "Jigsaw" will break that illusion.

Altogether, this is a delightful LP featuring a girl who should be a delightful future star.

Barron Antony (bass guitar)

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