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Jacksons Garden - How Do I Get Into Jacksons Garden (1968)

The Jacksons Garden formed as The Candy Boys in Odense Denmark round 1965, September 1967 changed their name to Jackson’s Garden. Jacksons Garden played in the beginning mainly on Funen and Jutland, but in October 1967 the band took part and won a competition, securing a record contract. The resulting was this sole LP, “How do I get into Jacksons Garden?”.

Their style was a mix of Soul, R & B, Beat & Roll, they had also many of self-composed songs. Jacksons Garden quickly became very popular with the burgeoning on underground audience that had enjoyed their share of the traditional 1960s music and was hungry for something new.

Until February 1969, when Jacksons Garden disbanded, the band were full speed and always on the highways for gigs (rockmedrynker.dk)

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