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Sva - Ulahado-ulahado (2004)

Tatyana Kalmykova (also known as SWA and SVA) - singer, composer, researcher of ancient Russian music. Born in 1976 in Moscow. Took part in a number of expeditions exploring Russian singing traditions in Smolensk, Bryansk, Belgorod and Vologda regions, Khakassia and Tuva. Tatyana Kalmykova is a student of the well known master and teacher of folklore, the founder and the head of ensemble of folk music Dmitry Pokrovsky. In her projects Tatyana combines tradition, authentic singing and improvisation.

"Ulahado-Ulahado" is the first solo album of Tatyana Kalmykova (Tanya Svaha). She has travelled a lot in Russian North and Altai and gathered not only lots of knowledge about pagan Slavic rites and musical traditions, but has become herself a part and continuation of these traditions. This album is dedicated to spring. We can hear the echoes of an ancient cult of a wife and a serpent. This is it, this dark and at the same time most bright character, the serpent, coming from darkness, stands at the cradle of a year. "U-la-ha-do, u-la-ha-do" - one song features this conjuration with a name of a pagan Slavic deity of love - Lada (Lado).


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