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Trikolon - Cluster (1969)

Rolf Rettberg - bass
Ralf Schmieding - drums
Hendrik Schaper - keyboards, trumpet, vocal

TRIKOLON were a very gifted trio from Osnabrück. As precursor of Tetragon, they played a very varied progressive rock. They even were influenced by classic and blues, though only one track is actually a blues. Their only LP “Cluster” was already released in 1969. It was edited by themselves in a number of copies of 150. Thus it had been one of the most earliest works of this kind. Correspondingly modest were the means with which it was recorded, and here lies its only weak point. But whoever, for example, is listening to “Blue Rondo à la Turk”, will be excited about the true firework performed on organ, accompanied by rolling drums. Hendrik Schaper on keyboards, the creative element of the band, performs brilliantly. As well do Ralf Schmieding on drums and Rolf Rettberg on bass – the latter nowadays a Professor for music in Berlin. The bonus track of 22 minutes was recorded live

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