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Andy Votel - Music to Watch Girls Cry (2003)

Andy Votel to w wąskich kręgach człowiek-legenda. angielski producent muzyczny, grafik, dj, kolekcjoner płyt, autor serii rewelacyjnych mixów, muzyczna encyklopedia, a przede wszystkim właściciel szalonej wytwórni finders keepers, specjalizującej się w wydawaniu nieznanej nikomu muzyki z lat 60 i 70tych. (źródło)


Andrew Shallcross, known by his stage name Andy Votel, is an electronic musician, DJ and record producer, co-founder of Twisted Nerve Records and the reissue label Finders Keepers Records. He is also a founder member of the B-Music collective alongside David Holmes, Bob Stanley, Belle And Sebastian, Cherrystones and Gerald Short.

Votel has been the curator of a number of events including the 2006 event at the Barbican Centre celebrating the music of Jean-Claude Vannier and Serge Gainsbourg. This event reunited musicians who played on the albums Histoire de Melody Nelson and L’enfant Assassin des Mouches. It also featured a number of contemporary artists as guest vocalists including Jarvis Cocker, Badly Drawn Boy, Brigitte Fontaine, The Bad Seeds’ Mick Harvey and the lead singer from Super Furry Animals, Gruff Rhys.

Votel is also a remixer of compilation CDs, including Music To Watch Girls Cry and Vertigo Mixed, a compilation of rare tracks from the Vertigo Records catalogue. He is from Marple Bridge in Stockport. His image features on the cover art of Have You Fed the Fish? by singer-songwriter Badly Drawn Boy. Votel is also a graphic designer. (wikipedia)

Strange title, strange concept, with the Twisted Nerve main man and DJ from Manchester, England, corrupting Andy Williams' nomenclature for this compilation -- and corrupting the listener with a mix that makes like a selector with Tourette's syndrome in its race through no less than 76 tracks in as many minutes. Surely a record-breaker in terms of volume in itself, though Votel somehow matches this unprecedented quantity with an equally impressive quality. Culled from his contributions to Fat City's Counter Culture radio show, the selection sweeps through some truly obscure and often bizarre recordings. Zappa and Beefheart are about as commercial as the content gets, with the track listing less a reflection of the new than a veritable master class in crate-dug obscurity. Think of an aural world where garage rock cuddles up to Kraftwerk, Gainsbourg shakes his booty to Can, and a band named Copper Plated Integrated Circuit penned "Hey Jude." Quite possibly the finest compilation in the world. (Kingsley Marshall)

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