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The Joint - Freak Street (1967)

The Joint were created in July 1967 out of the Folkestone based band The Lonely Ones, who had included in their earlier line ups Noeal Redding, who of course went on to fame and fortune with The Jimi Hendrix Experience, and Jim Leverton, who played with The Yardbirds. During European dates in 1967 the band met up with the film writer David Llewelyn and director/composer George Moorse and went on to record soundtrack material for a series Munich underground movies in Germany, including "Jet Generation" and "Der Griller".

These recordings made during 1968 & early 1969 included the following personnel:
  • John "Andy" Andrews - lead vocals
  • Trevor Williams - guitar, voc
  • Rick Davies - keyboards, voc
  • Keith Bailey - drums
  • Martin Vinson / Steve Brass - bass
  • Tony Catchpoloe - guitar
Most of the recordings of "The Joint" were long presumed lost, this release has been taken direct from a recently rediscovered 1/4 inch demo tape. The Tape had degenerated over time and the sound quality suffers in some places as a consequence, but to bring thus great lost band to light again after years we feel sure will agree is worth it. (Cyclone)

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Ankh pisze...

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Esmenard Victor pisze...

Good that the tape was rediscovered :)

Very good songs, and the sound is not so bad they say.

Thank you very much.

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