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Live Experience Band - Voodoo Chile / Tribute to Jimi Hendrix (1970/1971)


Jakoś nam się tu ostatnio jazzowo i poważnie zrobiło. Dlatego chciałbym powrócić  trochę do "korzenie" tego bloga i przedstawić płyty dosyć enigmatycznego projektu muzycznego, którego źródła znajdują się bodajże w Niemczech. Swego czasu - muzycy zafascynowani Jimi Hendrixem - nagrywali różne post-hendrixowskie albumy mające w mniejszym lub większym stopniu oddać hołd zmarłemu geniuszowi gitary. Tak też jest w przypadku tych pozycji. To niezłe i rasowe gitarowe granie nawiązujące do najlepszych z możliwych tradycji. Fanom ostrych jak żyletka brzmień bardzo polecam.


Seems like there's more semi-anonymous feedback mayhem "in tribute" to Jimi Hendrix out there besides the well-known "Purple Fox"/"Jeff Cooper" stuff. Recently, I came across a batch of obscure records by a certain "Live Experience Band" whose whole oeuvre seems to be dedicated to Hendrix.

Unfortunately, it's very hard to find any useful information on them.
Here's what I learned from the records themselves: First one I got is called "Voodoo Chile" (TT-Records 495), containing three Hendrix covers and three original tracks. Then there's a double album called "Jimi Hendrix Portrait" (ken 712-13), which has a whole disc of cover versions (one side features the same titles as "voodoo chile"; haven't compared yet whether the tracks are identical, too) and a disc of originals. And finally, there's an album called "Tribute to Jimi Hendrix" (ken 714), credited this time to "Live Experience '70" on the cover and on the label. This one is wholly made up of original compositions, some of which already appeared on the earlier albums. As the label claims this to be "Tribute to Jimi Hendrix Vol. V", there might be (at least) one more of these out there...

Musically, "The Live Experience Band" stuff is not quite up to the lunatic intensity of Jeff Cooper's "The Acid Test", but anybody who is into extreme guitar freakouts set to a groovy backing won't be disappointed, I think.

There are hardly any infos on the covers nor on the labels of the records. All of the original songs are credited to a certain "Ch. Icem" (or simply "Icem), and for one track vocal credit is given to "Buddi Knight", but that's it. Not even a country of origin is recognizable on any of the albums.However, given the fact that the german "GEMA" is mentioned on the labels of all records, I'd guess that they were pressed in Germany. And as one of their originals, "Before Dead", was comped on "Obscured by Krauts", a collection of obscure krautrock, the band itself might also have been german. But the line notes are quite brief and vague in regard to them, so I wouldn't take this for granted though.

Has anybody got further info on these recordings? Or on the labels which put them out? Or on "Icem", the mysterious brain behind it all? Any hints (as well as comments on other pieces of "Hendrixploitation") are appreciated! (source)

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Ankh pisze...

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Anonimowy pisze...

Icem is Meci backwards. Meci was one of the names the "producers" of that stuff gave themselves to hide their identity. The Gema sign is another fake bootleggers used to get away and find a pressing plant. This were not bootlegs in the classic sense, but of course they were not allowed to use Hendrix compositions with out permission and without paying royalties. One of the better of these sessions, which definitely are of German origin, was released on the German cheapo label Perl Serie (PSLP 190, distributed by Metronome),called again "Tribute to Jimi Hendrix". It has some of the Ken/T-T recordings, but also the 18 minutes of the title track that are different. No bandname stated, but all arrangements credited to Peet Shaw. On Ken Rec there is another one of these guys, this time credited to The Woodville Co. and called "I'm Going Home-Ten Years After Portrait" (Ken 710)You can guess what you have to expect. Rumour has it, that they did the same with Cream, but I've never seen a copy. The most interesting LP on Ken, and probably the same people involved, is Ken 718 by a band called "The Blues Goes On" with very amateurish, but great original songs. After comparing the Live Experience/Pete Shaw/Woodville Co-stuff to the few tracks that were released on live-samplers by Hamburg's Sphinx Tush, I suspect them to be the ones... Yours, Lolly Pope

Ankh pisze...

Big thanks to You, Lolly :))

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