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Les Halmas - Hop (1997)

Les Halmas is a duo made up of bassist of Ne Zhdali ,cult Estonian klezmer-avant band, Ilja Komarov, and Swiss female drummer (and later Komarov's wife) Trixa Arnold in 1994 in Luzern. Ne Zhdali was one of most respectable avant prog band in former USSR, but when in 1991 band's founder Leonid Soybelman immigrated to Israel (and later in Germany), band in fact was disbanded. Bassist Ilja Komarov immigrated to Switzerland soon.

Les Halmas music is freaky combination of excellent Ilja 5-string fretless bass sound and Trixa's electronic noises and effects, plus all possible kind of drumming and percussion. Trixa sings in Russian,English,Italian and German as well. Quite often band played with different collaborators.

Starting from 1995 band recorded 4 albums on ReR label. On their debut Ne Zhdali guitarist Leonid Soybelman participated as guest musician (between others). At the same time duo participated in many side projects with different artists (not only musicians: for example , they toured and even recorded one album as "Shar" ("Balloon" in Russian) with Judy Dunaway,well-known and notorious for her compositions and improvisations for balloons. Last album was released in 1999. In 2002 with Russian band Henky Hammok they recorded dark avant-ambient album (as "Las Kalugas"). (progarchives)

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