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The Ocular Audio Experiment (2010)

Hello, my name is Alex and I have a band called The Ocular Audio Experiment, from Boston. We are releasing a new album in the coming weeks and wanted to send you a video trailer to the album. Thanks for your time and talents and I very much appreciate your help :) -Alex

The Ocular Audio Experiment, formed in 2010 by Alex Pollock, is releasing a new album, The Witch's Whispering Tomes. Years in the making, The Witch's Whispering Tomes, is a double album featuring the same 12 songs in two different styles. The first, a heavy, darkly droning mixture of psychedelic rock influences clocking in at an hour and a half. The second, is something like a doomed, satanic, Looney Tunes wagon ride into hell. The album is being released in two parts: The first, June 27th, and the second, July 11th. For more information follow the links bellow. Enjoy the ride. 


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