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Cannibal Movie - Avorio (2011)

Incredibly promising debut release from Italian organ and drums duo, Cannibal Movie…Cannibal Movie deal in heavy hypno-psych pound, with plenty of ability to conjure suspense and swing no less. It’s as if Religious Knives went batshit crazy, ate their guitarist, and continued on as a band. The first track, “Teste Mozzate,” boldly introduces the core CM sound: Wah’d-out, effects-heavy organ and repetitive tom-heavy drum patterns with enough cymbal crashes to sound like a demented marching band parading through hell. But there is still quite a bit of variation spread out over the remaining four tracks on this cassette. The following “Fame” works through a more up-tempo percussive pound with sustained and overdriven organ drones, while “Mangiati Vivi!” breaks the spell of those prior hypnotic numbers with a swampy, unidentifiable southern hemisphere melodic swing that highlights that there is much more up this duo’s collective sleeve. On the flip side, “Django” works along similar lines as the opening track, but it develops with a more crazed energy, along with multiple shifts and layers of psychedelicized organ that would have left Mr. Reinhardt thoroughly confused. The tape closes with the slow burn of “Schiave Bianche” that has a nice come down effect after taking in the rest of Avorio. It’s some very tasty stuff. (soundofcobra)


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This lot got name-checked by Raime so have got to be worth a listen, right? Thanks very much!

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