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Markus - From The House Of Trax (1978-1979)

Nine times out of ten it seems that heavily hyped albums turn out to be major disappointments.1979's "From the House of Trax" is one of those one out of ten exceptions - it lives up to and even exceeds the hype !!! I can't say I know a great deal about Marcus McDonald.

He was apparently from Kentucky, but relocated to Indiana, where this album was recorded at Trax Studios (hence the title).

Produced by Jim Fergusson, this private press release is also an exception in that it sounds far more accomplished that most such vanity products.

Literally dripping with spooky, heavily treated vocals, heavy guitar and psych moves, tracks such as 'Locked Inside a World', 'A Trip In Time' and 'The City of InBetween' are great. Exemplified by tracks such as 'Gary's Song', 'I Want To Fly' and 'Right Inside of You Baby', the 'B' side opts for a slightly more mellow attack, but is every but as impressive.Tuneful and concise (most of the nine selection clock in under four minutes), this one's a must own classic.

Besides, it's a wonderful album to crank up on a good stereo system. (As far as I can tell this is one of the real things - packaged in a plain disco cover with the bluish title past on over the center hole.

This one's retained it's blue color some tended to turn green with time (source).

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