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Zoomonk & Zelig Concrete - On Time (2011)

If you liked "Milkdrops" released on myhand.thanx last year, you won't be deceived by "On Time" by Zoomonk, a rather surprising Finnish duet (which recently became a solo project by Petri Parkkali). 6 new tracks composed in collaboration with Zelig Concrete. For the record, Zelig Concrete is the singer / guitar player of Finland alternative band Mother Goose, who's been playing since 1989 (many albums have been released, for instance on Blast First, and the most recent is called "Anna Lumena" released on Verdura Records). This is such a promising collaboration! And right from the first track "Bunny & Turtle" we are taken to an untypical world, where Syd Barret and Nick Cave got lost in the middle of a field of amps spitting feedback and harmonics, in the middle of a rough and wild electronic ocean... An endless trip, chaotic and poetic, enraged and and uncompromised. "Rights of Youth" and "English Finglish" are two essential jewels, "hiding under water" has the shape of a spiral in which we dive immediately, "Mudslide on Bombay" is an addictive pop tune, and "On Time" is an almost mystical break in this coherent and perfectly written album. A must listen! (myhandthanxrecords)

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