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From garage rock to punk rock - evolution of guitar fuzz: Part IV

Still, surf and garage rock were tagging along and these few groups, which didn't embrace new British sound by early 1964, started swapping their instrumental attitude for more vocal-orientated style. A lof of their loved pieces were rock'n'roll or rhythm'n'blues standards.

The sound of Stratocasters and Jaguars (these beautiful Fender classics) with sustain cranked up on maximum was slowly fading away and thus new vision of arrangement appeared. Fresh tools followed with till that point practically unused instruments like Vox or Farfisa organs, which by the middle 60's were played only by soul musicians.

One of these surf/garage combos, which were to pave the way, popped up in South Bend, Indiana. Their first commercial hit was a cover of r'n'b smasher California Sun, written by Henry Glover and Morris Levy, but recorded by singer Joe Jones in 1961. Their version was released 29/02/1964 and hit #5 on Billboard Charts introducing organs as an effective way to sell your single. Very soon it was a must-have favourite of all US garage bands.

Joe Jones (1961)

The Rivieras (02/1964)

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