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From garage rock to punk rock - evolution of guitar fuzz: Part V

But other parts of USA are giving new sound a go too. The Northern East comes along with The Barbarians from small Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The band is being founded around late 1963 with a core of four musicians: Victor "Moulty" Moulton (a drummer without a left hand), Bruce Benson, Ronnie Enos and Jerry Causi.

Their first 7" single is Hey Little Bird / You've Got to Understand, released by local label Joy in the end of 1964... here you can hear very clearly their fascination with guitar fuzz and simple rhythm.

Members of The Barbarians were one of the first American garage musicians to grow their hair long and adopt "primitivistic" aesthetics (including sandals, however it sounds), which later was to be transformed into nihilistic image of punk rock. Their only album was issued by Laurie Records in 1965.

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